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The King 2 Hearts: Ha Ji Won says, “Lee Seung Gi is not a heodang as expected”

The female military officer of The King 2 Hearts, actress Ha Ji Won recently had an interview on MBC’s Section TV.

When asked the first impression of co-star Lee Seung Gi, the starlet replied, “He was the same as I saw him on TV, but he is not a heodang as expected. I have more heodang disposition rather than him.” (Heodang means a person who is a bit silly and useless but with little offence.)

When asked if she doesn’t find it hard to shoot action scenes, the actress, renowned for loads of action series, replied, “It’s amazing to deliver emotions and line while doing various actions. I’m really attracted to that.”
The episode including Ha’s interview airs on March 25 at 4:50 p.m. on Section TV Entertainment News.