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[TWITTER]120107- Howon and Hyunjun’s update (Howon’s birthday!)


[TRANS] @HITT_Joe Our maknae Howon ah happy birthdayㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll buy your present later infront of you surprises are now boring right?ㅋㅋㅋhttp://bit.ly/y2iPGE

[TRANS] @HITT_Howon to @HITT_Joe ㅋㅋㅋ Saw it thank you hyung I’ll use it well~~~ http://bit.ly/zvBUbS

[TRANS] @HITT_HoWoN Wow thank you for wishing me happy birthday thank you all really~ I’ll definitely upload shots of all the presents that you all gave sincerely one by one thank you HITTERShttp://bit.ly/wZ51ai

[TRANS] @HITT_HoWoN Thank you so so much. To our HITTERS worldwide really thank you. Thank you for the birthday presents and I’ll definitely repay the love that you guys have always given to us HITT! HITT will work hard and repay all your love on stage.http://bit.ly/vZz0WR

[TRANS] @HITT_HoWoN Today the HITT members and Hongsu hyung, the 7 of us guys had a delicious lunch today^^ Thank you everyone for paying attention to my birthday we’ll work harder and meet everyone as a better HITT^^ Our members, manager hyung, our staff members and HITTERS hwaiting . http://bit.ly/wbCcui

[TRANS] @HITT_Howon: Earlier during lunch!!!http://yfrog.com/h2pr0gsj http://bit.ly/zBy4O9

[TRANS] @HITT_Howon to @topmagnitude : 너무너무감사합니다^^ (Really really thank you)



N/B: TopMagnitude is HITT ‘s first and largest international site for HITT.They sent birthday present to Howon and  he had received them 2 weeks ago. :D




Source: @HITT_Howon, @HITT_Joe 

Translation: @tweetHITT