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HITT discusses their debut and strong team bond

The idol industry is currently undergoing some changes, and no longer will pretty looks alone get you very far.  Older idol groups are in the midst of evolving into ‘artist groups’ while new idol group debuts all boast talents and skill sets that prove they’re ready from the get-go.

Dozens of such teams debut per month, and amongst one of them is HITT, a six-member a cappella boyband that has put their vocal talent at the forefront of their strengths.

Sitting down for an interview with E-Daily, HITT explained, “Times are changing. Being vocally talented has become the norm, and no longer are performance styles and visuals the only matter of importance for idols. They say that singers live up to their names, so we want to become singers that are a ‘hit’. We have to live up to that name.”

Their name, unfortunately, isn’t much help for new fans. Searching ‘HITT’ on portal sites will bring up results like the 2007 MBC drama ‘Hit‘ or the season’s ‘hottest hit items’.

With a laugh, leader Hayong said, “We’re still rookies so it’s alright. We trust that the results will one day be filled with information regarding us. When you search HITT in English, we get a lot of supportive comments from international fans. We already have fansites in not only Asia, but Europe and the States as well. All that’s left is Africa, haha.”

The group is known for being housed under the powerhouse label, Sony Music. Although that in itself should be a big confidence booster, their confidence stems from elsewhere.

Rapper Jaehoon said, “If you listen to our album, you’ll see that each and every song features a variety of genres. None of them overlaps. ‘I Will Always Love You‘ is a sweet medium tempo track with a cappella styles while our title track, ‘Good Night‘, is an upbeat dance track. ‘For a Long Time‘ is a song that’s nice to listen to on rainy days, as it features Yiruma senior’s piano melody.”

HITT continued, “Our name itself is our goal and wish. It’s not complete yet, but we feel that we’re able to express our thoughts through our song’s lyrics, melody, and performance. Music is ‘communication’, and we hope to earn respect as not only singers, but for other aspects of our lifestyles as well.”

As is with most idols, HITT faced some tough obstacles before they were able to reach their debut. Fortunately, it’s made their bond within the group tighter than ever. They emphasized that HITT wasn’t just a team aiming for success, but a team with a special meaning to each and every member.

Jaehoon stated, “HITT is like a bond to me. Our teamwork is strong and we work well together. Together, we can fill what the other lacks and share our best attributes.”

Juntaek continued, “There are six members so we’re able to bring our individual colors together into one team. We’re a group like a chameleon in that aspect.”

Wooram added, “I know that it’s not enough for me alone. It’s only with HITT that I can achieve my dreams, so the team is all that more special to me. A dream that we can only achieve together; we’re like life companions all headed for the same dream.”

Hyunjun said, “They’re like my family. We’re a group that can’t shine with one member missing. Whether or not I like or hate them, and through all of the obstacles and happy moments that we share together, we’re a family through and through. They’re friends that will remain with me always.”

Hayong said, “When my future seemed so bleak, HITT lit my life’s path. I don’t think we’re perfect, but I believe that we’ve just broken through the darkness of an ocean and hit the shore. It’s now time for us to run.”

Howon said, “I want HITT to be a group like ‘dead skin’. Something that keeps coming back no matter how much you scrub it off. Something that you remember again right when you’re about to forget, something that you have to go one lifetime with whether you love us or not. That’s the kind of group we want to be.”

Concluding the interview, the boys were asked about their thoughts on their new nickname, ‘greeting idols’. ”It’s an expression of our desire to work hard, but that doesn’t mean we’ll only be working hard on greeting people. We believe that there will come a day where we receive more love and live up to the potential of our name. Along with ‘greeting idols’, we hope to also earn the nickname ‘perseverance idols’. We won’t lose our rookie mindsets, but we also hope that we don’t lose our looks as well (laughter).”

Source + Photos: E-Daily via Naver