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[News] Hyun Bin wouldn’t received the stuffs that you sent

【111118】 Hyun Bin wouldn’t received all stuffs that you sent to them

Marines Corps in Korea said that Hyun Bin(Kim Tae Pyung) will not receive your letters and cards if you send them to his address in Baek Reyung Island anymore because he is serving in many places for training etc. However, you can send your letters and cards to Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든 @facebook’s owner. Because the owner have a personal connection at Marines Corps,so he can deliver them to Hyun Bin in Marines Corps for sure. Please send an email at limejuwon@gmail.com if you want to send a letter or

card to Hyun Bin and he will give you his personal address.
Please spread words to your friends that DO NOT send mails to the address in Baek Reung Island. Thank you!


Credit: Secret Garden Korean Drama 시크릿 가든 @facebook

Posted: belle @en.korea.com