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Annyeong INSPIRIT,

This is Infinite’s manager, Maku Reano!  I’m applying for work now and I am unable to handle the fan club all by myself. So, I am asking help to my fellow inspirit. Comeback is near, so we need to stay super active for our boys! Lets make this Fanclub the best among the best! ne?

I’m looking for creative/dedicated Writers, Skillful Graphic Designers, Post Editors and cooperative staffs.

Here’s how to apply.

Please fill up the following form:

1. Which Fanclub are you applying for? : INFINITE

2. Which role do you apply for? (Staff) :

3. Name :

4. Age :

5. Nationality :

6. Active Period :

7. Email Address :

8. Korea.com ID :

9. Twitter & Facebook Links :

10. How well can you do your job? :

*Please join INFINITE Fan Club before sending your Applications.

*Also, Please let me see your dedication and be an active member first.

Send your application form to makuhinagpis@gmail.com  After I receive your Application Form, you will receive a response from me to confirm your position.

NOTE: Please DO NOT apply if you cannot be active at least once a day.

  You don’t want to see namu to cry right?


Help me to spread the inspirits love

and i will bring you to PARADISE! <3