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[TRANS] 120522 – Twitter – Show Champion

니트의 셀카도 기대해주세요 커밍쓘- 

You were waiting for it right? The main stars of today’s Show Champion’s first rehearsal are Infinite!^^ Infinite’s voices who were warming up are filling the waiting room ! Meet them at 7PM on Show Champion~Ho~! Look forward to their selcas too, coming soon- http://pic.twitter.com/DGlG7Zs4

쇼챔 과자 받고 아이처럼 씬이난 인피니트> ㅂ< 그렇게 좋았어요?ㅋㅋ 오늘 인피니트와 함께하는 쇼챔 토크 타임도 기대 많이 해주세욥^^ 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 SHOWCHAMPION 생방송!http://pic.twitter.com/DGlG7Zs4

Infinite getting excited like kids when receiving Show Champion’s cookies> ㅂ< Did they like it so much?ㅋㅋ Look forward a lot to the talk time with Infinite today too^^ Today at 7PM MBC Music SHOWCHAMPION live broadcast!http://pic.twitter.com/DGlG7Zs4

여백의 미가 살아있는 인피니트 성열의 셀카! 이렇게 해맑을수가 없어요ㅋㅋ 인피니트와 함께하는 쇼챔! 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 SHOWCHAMPION 생방송! http://pic.twitter.com/CdXKs9bn

The selca of Infinite’s Sungyeol who has the beauty of space! He can’t be this brightㅋㅋ Show Champion with Infinite!  Today at 7PM MBC Music SHOWCHAMPION live broadcast! http://pic.twitter.com/CdXKs9bn

셀카찍는 엘과 성종이를 매의 눈으로 바라보고 있는 동우^^ 진짜 남자가 된 인피니트! 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 SHOWCHAMPION에서 확인하세요♩ http://pic.twitter.com/V5AkWaJB

Dongwoo watching L and Sungjong taking a selca with his hawk eye^^ Infinite who became real men!   Check it today at 7PM MBC Music SHOWCHAMPION ♩ http://pic.twitter.com/V5AkWaJB

인피니트 우현이는 카메라를 들고 요리조리 셀카에 집중! 쇼챔 로고를 든 스타들의 단골 포즈~ (입에 넣기) 우현이도 해보았답니다^^ 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 SHOWCHAMPION 생방송!http://pic.twitter.com/jPmPgDHT

Infinite’s Woohyunnie taking the camera and focusing on selcas here and there! The favorite pose of the stars taking the Show Champion logo~ (Putting it in their mouth) Woohyunnie tried it too^^  Today at 7PM MBC Music SHOWCHAMPION live broadcast!http://pic.twitter.com/jPmPgDHT

동우는 욕심쟁이ㅋㅋ 쇼챔 로고를 세 개씩이나 들고 셀카에 푹 빠짐^^ 새로바뀐 머리가 제법 잘 어울리죠? 오늘 저녁 7시 MBC 뮤직 SHOWCHAMPION 생방송! http://pic.twitter.com/8uNFjKg8

Dongwoo is greedyㅋㅋ He totally fell for selcas and took three Show Champion logos^^ His new hairstyle fits him quite well right?  Today at 7PM MBC Music SHOWCHAMPION live broadcast! http://pic.twitter.com/8uNFjKg8
trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits