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[TRANS] DongWoo Twitter Updates

느하하 오랫만이네용 ~.~ 시작이요 시작! 인스피릿 추격할거에여~ 무대를 서야 제맛이지요~ 다들 건강히 지내셧죠!? 추억여행하다 밝고 올린머리… 누가 나지…! 입술만 그대로네요~흐흐 그럼 다들 굿나잇~pic.twitter.com/p6hBideB

Neuhaha, it’s been a long time ~.~ It’s the start, the start! Going to chase Inspirits~ Standing on stage is the best~ Everyone’s been healthy, right!? In going back down on memory lane, my bright hair that I had styled up… Who is me…! My lips are the only thing that’s still the same~Heuheu, then everyone good night~pic.twitter.com/p6hBideB
trans. cr; jiwon @ infiniteupdates; take out with full credits