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[TRANS]SungGyu Fancafe Post 060312

Right now I just finished the Inkigayo stage and I got home
My heart is still going Dugeundugeun samgeunsamgeun (LEADER ENOUGH WITH YOUR JOKES T_T Dugeun is a heart thumphing but Du sounds close to 2 so he puts in sam and makes it 3 T_T)
Today everyone was worried because Sungyeol slipped ~
But he didn’t get hurt badly~ so don’t worry!!
Right now we’re extremely happy
I thank you for you guys, not anyone else, that made the Infinite we are right now.
I said this last time too but I’m very thankful and reassured that you guys are with us now and that you tell us that you will always be with us
I wanted to tell you on Friday after Music Bank but….
Stupid password…..ㅜㅜ
Anyways!!!!!!!!!!!I will never forget this week
I will tell you this with a burning passion (? how else could i trans this)

Please do credit me T_T I do translate alot and sometimes it’s hard work.
(Source: cafe.daum.net)
trans: purpleboyhowonee