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Performances from “Idol dance battle special” on ‘M! Countdown’

On August 25th, Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown broadcasted an idol dance battle special afters its usual programming!

Idol groups INFINITE, TEEN TOP, Block B, Dal Shabet, Nine Muses, and the Brave Girls duked it out on the dance floor through performances of various dance styles, like hip hop and breakdancing.

They were judged by former Seo Taiji member Lee Juno, whose vote made up 60% of the decision, with the remaining 40% calculated through SMS text votes.

Producers commented, “In an effort to spotlight both dancing – an quality that has become a representative of K-Pop all over the world – as well as these rookie idol groups, this dance battle will be an opportunity for viewers to get a glimpse into the future of K-Pop.”

Check out the performances below!


< Brave Girls: “Powerful Girls Hip Hop” routine >


< Nine Muses: “Model-dol’s Exciting Shuffle Dance” routine >

< Block B: “Essence of Urban Dance” routine >

< TEEN TOP: “Electronic Hip Hop Dance” routine >

< Dal Shabet: “Sexy and Powerful Dance” routine >

< INFINITE: “Apex of Charisma” dance routine >


Which group had the best dance of the night? Tell us your favorite below!


Source + Photos: Star News via Nate