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[NEWS] IU admits, “With my first impression of Jiyeon, it was hard to get close to her”!

Singer IU reveals the truth about her best friend, T-ara’s Jiyeon.

Along with the fact that they were both born in 1993 and both got into the entertainment business at a young age, the two have a lot in common. Although they had previously seen each other through music programs, they finally became close through the 2010 SBS variety show “Heroes”.

The T-ara members had stopped living in their dorms and for the past 6 months, they had been going to their activities from their house. The first person that Jiyeon had invited to her house was IU.

After bringing toilet paper to Jiyeon’s house it seemed as if IU and Jiyeon would not stop talking however after seeing Jiyeon’s room for the first time, IU stopped and stated, “I thought it would be filled with pink princess-like clothing and tons of accessories but it’s actually really plain.”

She also added, “I thought Jiyeon was a city girl at first so it was hard for us to become friends at first.” then went on to explain how they became friends.

After inviting IU, Jiyeon then tried to make some snacks. However IU tried to stop Jiyeon saying, “Please don’t cook. Although she’s good at dancing, acting and basically anything, she’s not good at cooking. I think she’s worse than me. When she first invited me, she told me that she would make Samgaetang for me but I stopped her right away.”

You will be able to see Jiyeon and IU’s dinner on KBS2′s ‘Star Life Theater’ ‘The youth sparkling more than a gem, T-ara’ episode.