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[Photos] IU @ U-ana Fan-Cafe Selcas

[Trans] 08.16. 00:12 AM FROM. IU


“I couldn’t hang out the national flag because we had a lot of rain(every year 15th August is Korea’s National Liberation Day)Today, I wrote the lyrics for spare songs and listened to some music…I was being so unnecessarily busy~~ㅋㅋ

I’ll record a new song tomorrow. I know that you are really very curious about this right nowbut I can’t tell you any spoliers ㅋㅋ first of all, that’s not for my album~

I will start exercising harder from tomorrow ㅋㅋI’ll get some stomach muscles!


ㅋㅋ Good night everyone!!


PS: Yesterday, our fans were suffered in the rain ㅜㅜ (DMZ Peace Concert) For all of the fans who were wearing the raincoat were so cute! Thank you so much for your cheers”