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[Love Rain] Ep 12 screenshots + Ep 13 preview

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Recap: Episode 12 (TBA)

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Ep. 13 preview with Chinese subs: Tudou- 《爱情雨》第13集预告


Ep. 13 preview with English subs: Be sure to turn on the CC.

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Inha is at Jun Studio. He saw that Seo Jun was outside with a girl and asks about her. Sunho interrupts all answers and says that she’s just a model.


Seo Jun has just suggested to Hana that they break up, making her confused since they haven’t been together for very long. A sudden break-up makes her very upset and she starts to cry. At this time, Sunho makes a phone call  to Seo Jun.


Sunho lets Seo Jun know that his dad is at the studio, so they shouldn’t return home yet. After hanging up, Seo Jun tells Hana that Sunho will come soon and then gets up to leave. Hana doesn’t understand what he is thinking and wants to know why he is suddenly acting like this, but he just leaves without answering.


Once he is outside, Seo Jun also starts to cry.


When Sunho arrives, Hana tearfully tells him that Seo Jun just ended things with her but she doesn’t know why. Meanwhile… Seo Jun leaves his dad with a some harsh words, saying that Inha shouldn’t expect to see him in the future.


Sunho and Hana arrive home. Hana wants to Seo Jun to clearly answer her questions. They can’t just end like that. Inha had already gone back. Seo Jun had also packed up his belongings and left. Hana can only look at his empty room.


Sunho knows which hotel Seo Jun is staying at and goes to ask him what he is trying to do by making Hana so sad. Seo Jun thinks about his dad and Hana’s mom. Thinking that Hana would definitely get hurt, he believes that the best thing for them is to have a quick break-up. Seo Jun takes off the ring that Hana gave him. Sunho notices that it drops to the floor.


Chang-mo’s nephew annoys his uncle with his presence.


Hana learns from Sunho that Seo Jun is back at the studio and immediately returns home. Seo Jun is selecting models for a shoot. When he sees Hana, he intentionally has a model sit on his lap.

Hana again asks why he suddenly wants them to separate. Seo Jun says that he was just playing her.


Seo Jun tells Hana that there is no need for her to work anymore and that if she needs money, he will give it to her. He also wants her to find another place and move out.


Later, Seo Jun sees Hana secretly crying in the stairwell. Although he wants to comfort her, he can’t bring himself to do it.

Meanwhile… Yoonhee no longer has a job or a home. Hye-jung goes to see her at Yoonhee’s former house and repeats that she wants Yoonhee to leave. If she gave her money, would she agree to leave? Yoonhee stays strong and doesn’t give in.


As Seo Jun is about to leave with his ex, Hana sprays him with water. He pulls her aside and Hana lets him know that it’s not over yet because she still likes him. Then, she walks away from a speechless Seo Jun.


Hana is walking down a street where Chang-mo’s nephew happens to be giving a performance. As he is singing his own song, he notices that Hana is crying. The song is just right for her mood, so he thinks that it must be fate.


Hana remembers the time that she has spent with Seo Jun. The more she thinks of the gentle Seo Jun, the more she cries.


Nephew brags to Uncle about the girl who cried during his song. He calls her his #1 fan. Now, he wants to contact Seo Jun and ask him to take photos for a CD cover.

Uncle Chang-mo asks his nephew if he is really intending on not going home… if he hadn’t borrowed money from his father, he would kick him out.


Seo Jun goes drinking with his model ex-girlfriend. She thinks that he is drinking too much and also comments that he is just a normal guy in love, which he disagrees.


Inha is on the phone with Yoonhee. He wants to see her but Yoonhee doesn’t want him to, not telling him that she is homeless and staying at a motel. Since Inha wants to see her, what can she do? He asks her to send him a picture of herself, which she does. He thanks her for it and says that she is really beautiful


Hana wakes up when she hears someone opening the door. It is a drunken Seo Jun, who hugs her. When he tells her that he really has no feelings for her, she doesn’t seem to believe it.

Seo Jun: Don’t make me treat you badly. Let’s end it here.


The next morning, Hana makes breakfast for everyone. Jo Soo intentionally sides against Seo Jun and doesn’t do as he is told. Seo Jun goes outside and doesn’t eat with them.


Outside, Hana tells Seo Jun that she still wants to work here but she will be moving out in the next week. Sunho says that she should stay. Tae-sung arrives at this time, making the guys wonder what is his relation to Hana.


Tae-sung takes Hana out to eat. He apologizes for not telling her about his family background. He wants her to know that he broke off the engagement with his fiancée and hopes that Hana could accept him.


Seo Jun returns from work just before Hana is dropped off by Tae-sung. When they enter the café, they see the client who liked Hana as a model on the piano. They have a meeting right then and there. The client makes his request and presents his vision. Hana agrees to be the model for the concept, to Seo Jun’s dismay.


Later that evening, Hana falls asleep at the table. Seo Jun carries her back to her bed and tucks her in. He has a sad expression as he turns away to leave, not realizing that Hana became conscious.


The next day, they have the photo shoot at the beach as planned. When Seo Jun arrives, he ignores Hana. He again acts coldly towards her, making an awkward working environment.


Yoonhee instructs her staff member to not tell Hana about the situation.


As Inha talks to Yoonhee, he finds the conversation to be strange.


Inha goes to find that staff member. He learns of Yoonhee’s work and house situation. He waits for Yoonhee in front of the motel.


Inha suggests that Yoonhee can move in with him. After their conversation, they are at the station and Inha has just bought tickets. Hand in hand, they rush to make it on time.


At the end of shooting, Hana declines to get in the van with the other staff. She chooses to stay behind and shares some words with Seo Jun.

Hana: When you’re mean, you’re lying. So, I can’t believe that we’re breaking up.

Seo Jun dismisses that and tells Jo Soo to drive away. As the car moves further and further away from Hana, Seo Jun can’t tolerate it anymore. He has the car stopped, gets out, and runs to Hana.


Since all the vehicles have left already, they are both left behind. At this point, Inha and Yoonhee happen to get off at the bus stop across the street from them.


Yay~ now the truth is going to be revealed to every character!

Although 13 and 14 are hated numbers, next week’s episodes are looking to be very interesting. ^_^



EPISODE 13 preview


Inha and Yoonhee. Seo Jun and Hana. The 4 of them walk along the same beach, each pair having their own conversation.


Inha wants Yoonhee to stay by his side…..suggesting marriage! ♥


Seo Jun finally reveals to Hana that the Professor Seo that she knows… is his father.


Credit: KBS2

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