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[Love Rain] Ep 16 screenshots + Ep 17 preview

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Recap: Episode 16 (TBA)

Full Ep. 16 in one part (YouTube- no subs) | (YouTube -中字)

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Ep. 16 in one part with mini-ads (DramaFever- eng subs) 

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Ep 17 preview (YouTube- no subs)

《爱情雨》第17集预告 (Tudou – 中字)


Ep. 17 video preview (Full Eng script translation)


Official KBS Ep. 17 text preview

Seo Jun and Hana go to a temporary place for just the two of them. He says to her that while it is difficult, he still hopes for Hana to think of herself. Seeing this side of Seo Jun, Hana holds his hand. When Hana returns home, she stills her mom about the guy who she likes.
Meanwhile, Yoonhee goes to find Inha to return the engagement ring to him.

준과 하나는 잠시 둘만 있을 곳으로 떠나고, 준은 하나에게 쉽진 않겠지만 자신을 선택해 달라고 한다. 하나도 그런 준의 손을 잡는데. 집으로 돌아온 하나는 좋아하는 사람과 같이 있었다고 윤희에게 솔직히 털어놓는다.
한 편, 윤희는 인하를 찾아가 청혼 때 받은 반지를 돌려주는데…

【#爱情雨#第17集官方文字预告】俊和娜暂时离开去了只有两人的地方,俊对夏娜说虽然很困难但是还是希望娜选择自己。看着这样的俊,娜握住了俊的手。回 到家的娜向妈妈坦白了和喜欢的人在一起的事情。




Spoiler Alert!!!

Also, below here are only something like captions for the screenshots. It is not a full recap, but just some scenes to look forward to.





Seo Jun moves towards Hana to kiss her. She closes her eyes as if to kiss him back, but she turns away at the last moment. She leaves Seo Jun to himself and shuts the door behind her. He runs down all the stairs to chase after her, frantically looking for her. He sees her and catches up to her.


Hana tells him that she really cannot keep seeing him. There is only hurt and sadness.


Seo Jun: So we just see other people and forget each other?

Hana tearfully insists on that and then runs away. Seo Jun is again left to himself.


Inha suggests calling off the wedding, to which Yoonhee agrees. Originally, she was hesitant about going through with it anyway. From the birthday gathering, she knows how hard it was on Seo Jun.  She also knows that Inha is not the type of person who has the heart to hurt others. She loved him in the past, and that’s why she’s okay now. She’ll be fine.


Yoonhee has finished talking and Inha can only sadly look at her. He reaches out to hold her hand in a silent moment. Yoonhee replies by placing her hand on top to comfort him.


Inha is now standing outside, alone with his thoughts and in a daze. At the table, Yoonhee grieves for the end of their relationship, letting loose the tears that were held in.  At the same time… Seo Jun seems to doing the same, grieving for not having Hana and wandering around in the streets.



A drunken Inha appears in front of Changmo. Inha starts rambling in vague statements, leaving Changmo confused and wondering what has happened.

Inha: When we were young, wasn’t love the most important thing?

But as the years have gone by, other things have become more important… like family, his son.

Inha: Yoonhee knew this. I’m still not very clear.
Changmo: What exactly are you saying now…?

Inha: Saw Jun’s picture…really very good…very good. After seeing that, I can’t….


Inha: I don’t want to give up.
Changmo: What exactly are you saying? Don’t give up what–
Inha: I… really don’t want to give up…

Eventually, Inha just puts his head down on the table. Changmo sighs in disbelief, still confused.

Meanwhile… Sunho is at White Garden having drinks and thinking (out loud) about the situation of Seo Jun and Hana.


Suddenly, Jeon-sul appears! He overheard and says his opinion on the matter, although based on his own interpretation of what he heard. Just then, Miho has returned. Jeon-sul tries to ask her who is the girl that Sunho likes, but Sunho stops him from saying any more than that. He covers by turning the question on Miho, asking her about the movie with Seo Jun. She is annoyed by the mention of that, and is further annoyed by Jeon-sul.


Hana arrives at home to find Taesung waiting for her outside. He wonders why she has come back so late, to which Hana says that she had gotten on the wrong bus. Taesung wants to talk but Hana doesn’t want to. He gets a bit angry, saying that anything concerning her is something he definitely has to care about! He thinks that she only thinks about Seo Jun and her mom’s happiness, which only makes her the one who is hurting.


Hana enters the house and finds her mom in an uncomfortable state. She thinks that Yoonhee has really been affected by the stress from the wedding. She helps her mom get back to rest.

Meanwhile, Changmo escorts Inha back home and drags him to the bed.


Seo Jun is busy at work when Miho appears again. She came to ask him how he will make up for abandoning her at the theatre and not even calling her.


Miho and Seo Jun walk into the garden where Jeon-sul greets them. He finally has his chance to speak to Seo Jun, who doesn’t remember him. Jeon-sul tries for a hug but Seo Jun doesn’t let him. When asked what he is doing here, Jeon-sul reveals that he now works as the gardener. Seo Jun is not happy about that and wants to know where Sunho is. Jeon-sul says that he’s gone out to meet with the former gardener.


Seo Jun immediately rushes out to look for Sunho and Hana. Miho follows him. They spot the pair chatting in a cafe and go in, interrupting the conversation.


The more Seo Jun talks, the more Hana gets upset with him. Eventually, it is Seo Jun who gets up and leaves first.


Everyone follows him out, with Hana initially trailing behind. Sunho suggest that since they met up, why don’t they just talk it out? Seo Jun thinks that Sunho doesn’t need to care. Hana now thanks Sunho for today and he says that he’ll go tomorrow. Seo Jun wants to know where he’s going, to which Sunho says that Seo Jun doesn’t need to care about it.

Hana tries to leave first. Seo Jun suggests that they all eat dinner together, like brothers and sisters. Miho refuses to go along with it. Just as she turns to walk away, a motorcycle almost hits her. Seo Jun pulled her out of the way just in time, but ends up pushing Hana into the wall. Hana’s arm gets a large gash.


Seeing Seo Jun being distressed over Hana’s injury, Miho exaggerates her own injury and wants an X-ray. Seo Jun agrees to take her to the hospital but soon realizes that she was only pretending.


Back at White Garden, Sunho tends to Hana’s wound. He tries to explain Seo Jun’s behavior. Hana takes her leave and as she apologizes to Jeon-sul for bumping into him on her way out, Jeon-sul recognizes her as the girl who cried during his song. He tries to chase after her, but she’s already left.


Now, Jeon-sul finds out that her name is Hana and that she was the gardener before him. When he tells Sunho that she cried during his performance, Sunho says that it can’t be like that because Jeon-sul is not Seo Jun. Just from this, Jeon-sul has figured out that it’s Seo Jun’s dad and Hana’s mom who want to get married, that Sunho has a one-sided love for Hana, and that Miho likes Seo Jun.

Jeon-sul: But…how am I so smart? Did I eat something?


Miho orders a lot of food and points that it’s the dishes that Seo Jun likes. He isn’t in any mood to have a big appetite.

Seo Jun returns to the garden and sees Hana standing there. Initially, he walks passed her but she lets him know that earlier, he had left on purpose and so that’s why she waited for him. He turns back to ask her about the wound buts he pulls back, saying that she’s fine.


Seo Jun: Do you really think that we can break up?

Every time he sees her, he doesn’t know what he should do about his feelings. When he suggests that they run away, Hana starts to cry. She leaves without saying another word to him.

Later that evening, Seo Jun gets drunk and shows up at his dad’s doorstep.


Inha tells Seo Jun that the 30 years’ love wasn’t that because it was so great, it’s because it was precious. Seo Jun comments back that because of this precious love, the father never visited his only son after the divorce.


After Seo Jun has fallen asleep, Inha asks him how he has let him endure what he had to experience?


In the morning as soon as he woke up, Seo Jun tries to leave by refusing to have breakfast with his dad. Inha tells him that he saw the photos that he took of Hana and comments that it’s very good work. He was very moved by it and so, asks Seo Jun for a favor. Seo Jun automatically assumes that his dad must be referring to a wedding picture. Inha says that he can see how much Seo Jun cares for Hana through the pictures, and so… but Seo Jun doesn’t let him speak any further from there.

Meanwhile, Yoonhee’s at work when her staff member questions her about the wedding rehearsal. Yoonhee asks her to cancel it for her. Just at that point, Inha arrives.


Inha and Yoonhee watch a beautiful scene together, reminding them of a sunrise that they had seen together before. He gives her a present along with a letter. He says that he is happy to return the watch to her and Yoonhee replies that she will cherish it this time. Inha asks her to forgive him for leaving her twice. He apologizes here, to which Yoonhee reminds him of the line from Love Story.

The letter that Inha has just given Yoonhee is actually his answer to her letter from 30 years ago.


In this letter, Inha lets her know that his life was complete after meeting her and thanks her for always thinking that he is a good person. Having her, he’s been very very happy with his life and hopes for her happiness. After reading the letter, Yoonhee can’t help but let out her tears.


Inha has packed his things and is ready to leave.

Yoonhee seems to be practicing walking down the stairs with her eyes close when Hana covers her eyes and asks her to guess who. Yoonhee then explains to Hana that Inha has gone to New York and that she has something to say to her, but she won’t say it until tomorrow.


At night, Hana is working when she receives a text from Seo Jun saying that he misses her. After a long hesitation, Hana texts back that she also misses him. Then, as he struggles to find the words to reply back, he gets a phone call… which he eventually answers……


The next day, Seo Jun and Hana coincidentally see each other at a street corner. They realize that they are headed to the same place. So actually, it was Yoonhee who called them to gather together. She tells them that Inha had gone to New York for the week. Therefore, she is taking the initiative to tell them that the wedding is canceled. Hana is surprised, thinking that Yoonhee and the Professor were getting along very well. Yoonhee tells her that it’s best for the two of them to stay friends. Seo Jun asks if this was his dad’s decision, to which Yoonhee says that it wasn’t Inha’s lone decision.


Once outside, Hana asks Seo Jun if he had told his dad the truth. Seo Jun now reveals to her that Inha had already knew about them. Hana feels guilty that their parents have given up on a wedding because of the two of them. She turns to go back to her mom, but Seo Jun stops her. He then takes her to the riverside.


Seo Jun: Let’s just think about us. Let’s stay together.


Later that night, Yoonhee has a conversation with Hana. Yoonhee admits that she was uncomfortable with going through the wedding, thinking of Hye-jung and Seo Jun. She wants Hana to know that she’s fine because it’s enough that she has her and her dad.

Yoonhee: When you get to be my age, you don’t really have to get married. Sometimes, friends are better.

Hana starts to cry and apologizes, confusing her mom who doesn’t understand what she is being sorry for.


Despite her brave words, Yoonhee still tosses and turns in bed.

Seo Jun constantly calls Hana, but she hasn’t once answered a call. He makes a final call as Jeon-sul looks on, who notes that it’s already been a week.


Inha has returned to Seoul. Hye-jung hears that the wedding is canceled. Miho happens to be there and is not careful about her words when she asked if Seo Jun is the reason for it, making Hye-jung curious to know.


Seo Jun decides to turn back and tells Jo Soo to cancel the shoot. He is dropped off and starts running around to look for Hana. He’s calling her on the phone and also asking anyone he sees about Hana’s whereabouts.

At the same time, Yoonhee is struggling with her vision again. She can barely see what’s in front of her. Just as her blind spell has passed, Inha arrives.


Meanwhile… Hye-jung has also arrived. Because she thinks that Inha is still overseas, she intends to hear directly from Yoonhee that the wedding is off. Seo Jun finds Hana at the special bridge.

Seo Jun: Do you really have nothing to say to me?
Hana: I want to be with you.

Seo Jun takes a moment before going to hug her.


Just at this time, Hye-jung sees the bridge from a distance. (It’s ambiguous whether or not she actually recognizes who she is seeing there.)


Seo Jun happily takes Hana by the hand and they run across the bridge together.





EPISODE 17 preview


Seo Jun and Hana enjoy their time together.


Yoonhee finally finds out about Hana and Seo Jun.


Credit: KBS2

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