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[Love Rain] Ep 19 screenshots + Ep 20 preview

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Recap: Episode 19 (TBA)

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Ep. 20 Video Preview (English subtitles)Be sure to turn on the CC.

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Official KBS Ep. 20 Text Preview

준은 하나에게 뉴욕으로 떠나 기다리겠다고 말하고, 하나는 준이 옆에 있어주길 원한다.
한 편, 수술을 앞두고 사라진 윤희를 찾아 대학교로 온 인하. 인하와 윤희는 추억에 잠기는데…
운명으로 얽힌 네 사람의 사랑의 행보는…



Caution: Spoilers!!!

Note: Below are only descriptions for the screenshots. This is not a full recap.





Seo Jun is surprised to see that Hana has come. Hana runs over to hug her mom. Everyone is a bit misty-eyed.


When they arrive home, Hana tries to pretend everything is normal and asks to make her mom some food. Yoonhee knows how her daughter must be feeling. Yoonhee says not to worry and that it’s alright. She adds that she is prepared well and repeats that it’s okay. Hana tries to hold in her tears.


Later that night, Hana sits by herself. As she is crying, she gets a call from Seo Jun. He asks her where she is, to which she replies that she’s at work. Hana tries to ask for his reason but he hangs up.


Seo Jun rushes over to find Hana. Knowing that she is worried about her mom, he hugs her and tells her that it’s okay as she cries into his shoulder.


Inha does some research online before calling Dongwook to ask about the surgery.

The next day, Hana and Yoonhee are about to leave for the hospital when Inha arrives. Yoonhee doesn’t want Inha to take her. To allow them to be together, Hana uses school as an excuse and takes her leave.


Once at the hospital, Inha finds that Yoonhee won’t allow him to escort her home. She feels that if he continues to appear before her, she would be very uncomfortable. She doesn’t want them to burden the children again. Inha tries to ask if they really can’t be friends. Yoonhee repeats that they can’t.


At Seo Jun’s place, Sunho hands Seo Jun a file to look at and they talk about Yoonhee’s surgery. Sunho also wonders if Seo Jun is worried about Sunho’s relationship with Hana. Outside, Jeon-sul starts shouting.


Annoyed, Seo Jun goes to look over the balcony and sees Hana standing below. He waits for her in the stairway and they hug when she has walked up. Seo Jun then suggests that they go outside, have a date.


Just as Hana asks if he doesn’t have a photo shoot today, Jo Soo runs up to ask if Seo Jun is all ready to go to do a good job! Seo Jun can’t do anything but go to work and decides to do 2 days’ worth of work in just 2 hours. He is very serious about his work even though his speed is so fast!


Hana is happy to take pictures of the plants in the garden. She turns around and also takes a shot of Sunho. They sit down to chat.


Seeing Sunho with Hana, Jeon-sul comments that it’s the most depressing thing he’s seen.

Just then, Seo Jun charges outside and declares that he’s a genius because he finished in exactly 1 hour and 38 minutes! He can now take Hana out for a meal.


They remember the time they ate a meal together in Japan, when Seo Jun kept calling Hana “Lululu.”

Seo Jun now comments that he would like Hana to not call him “Seo Jun-ssi” but Darling/Beloved instead. (T/N: I translated this from Chinese, not entirely sure if it’d translate like this from Korean.) Hana refuses to, saying that she wouldn’t like to call him that.


Seo Jun starts calling her “Lululu” again. He soon gets a phone call from his mom. He tells her that he doesn’t want to go and hangs up. Hana now gets a call from Hyejung. Seo Jun doesn’t want her answer it but she does anyway. Hyejung is very fierce in her manner of speaking. Hana doesn’t get to say much back, making Seo Jun take the phone away.


Hyejung wants both of them to come, to which Seo Jun repeats that he’s not going and hangs up on his mom again. After surprising him by calling him “Oppa,” Hana is able to convince him that they go see his mom. Seo Jun and Hana arrive to see Dongwook, Changmo, and Miho also there.


Hyejung says that she has gathered everyone together to announce Seo Jun’s engagement to Miho. Changmo and Dongwook are both disappointed in Hyejung, saying that they are adults now and should respect other people’s choices. Seo Jun has made his position very clear.


When Changmo and Dongwook take their leave, Dongwook makes sure to take his daughter with him. Miho glares at Hana before turning to leave.


Hana is helpless as Seo Jun continues to argue with his mom. Seo Jun asks Hana to step out. Having heard that Hyejung likes flowers, Hana has brought a plant as a gift but this makes Hyejung immediately shout at her.

After Hana leaves, Seo Jun continues to be at odds with his mom. He threatens to move out and she would not be able to see him.


Seo Jun takes Hana home. They see Inha walk out. The 3 of them have an awkward exchange of words followed by Seo Jun and Hana walking away.


Seo Jun and Hana go for a walk. Hana comments that it’s quite hard for them to have normal date. Seo Jun laughs and brings up lovey-dovey name-calling again.


After sending Hana back and on his way to his car, Seo Jun finds his dad there. They sit down to talk. Seo Jun admits that ever since he’s fallen for Hana, he understands what it means to love someone. He understands his dad’s feelings from those years and doesn’t blame him at all. Inha hopes that he doesn’t become a burden to his son by wanting to spend more time with Yoonhee before she becomes blind.


Gradually understanding his dad’s feelings, Seo Jun feels very apologetic towards him.


Hana is at work when Taesung suddenly comes to find her. It turns out that Hyejung has come to find Yoonhee for help in keeping Seo Jun and Hana apart. Yoonhee is not against the children being together. They have not been able to be with the one who they love. Yoonhee refuses to let the children suffer through that kind of pain.


Hana and Taesung have rushed over. Hana has him wait to the side and she approaches the table.

Hyejung complains Yoonhee always makes her out to be the bad guy. On her way out, Hyejung sees Taesung standing by the exit. She takes one last look back at Hana and Yoonhee before walking away.


Taesung goes to find Seo Jun. Angry, he takes Seo Jun by the collar. If he can’t protect Hana, he should just leave her! A thought flashes through Seo Jun’s mind. He goes to find Hana and Yoonhee, repeatedly apologizing to them.


Yoonhee tells Hana and Seo Jun that she’s decided to have the surgery. She hopes for a good result but even if the operation fails, she’s not worried because Seo Jun is there. She knows that Seo Jun will treat Hana well.


When they are outside, Seo Jun hugs Hana. He then gently whispers something into her ear. Hana asks him what he said. He tells her to guess and the hint is that it’s 3 words. Hana definitely figured it out but she pretends to not know.


When Seo Jun returns to his mother’s house, he packs his luggage. On his way out, Hyejung tries to stop him. He tells that they need to separate for a while, furthering explaining that it isn’t for Hana but for them because he doesn’t wish for them to keep arguing everyday.

Seo Jun enters his room above the cafe, recalling some memories of Hana from when she lived in the next room. He wants to call her but hesitates.


Taesung comes to find Hana and confesses to her again.


Hana did like Taesung in the past and thanks him for liking her. But whether or not she and Seo Jun are happy together, she still wants to be with him because she loves him. Taesung holds back his tears and says that he understands…


Jeon-sul is having a talk with Seo Jun when Miho interrupts, asking Seo Jun if he really is going to New York.


Sunho overhears and asks about Hana. Miho hopes that it means that Seo Jun is breaking up with Hana. Jo Soo rushes in and asks about work, if he would have to return to his dad’s studio.


Sunho makes a house visit to Yoonhee and does a check-up as Hana sits to the side of him. Afterwards, he chats with Hana. He wants to tell her about Seo Jun going to New York but in the end, he’s not able to say it out loud.


Yoonhee looks at picture of Hana from childhood. As she flips through the photo album, she remembers Hana’s journey to growing up.


When Seo Jun comes downstairs, his mom sets the table for him. Hyejung seems to be a bit different. Seo Jun is surprised.


When Hana returns home, she can’t find her mom at home. She only finds Yoonhee’s note, saying not to worry because she looking at some sights before coming back for the surgery tomorrow. Hana tries calling her mom’s cell phone but it rings inside the house. Inha comes over and also takes a look at the note. Seo Jun rushes over to pick up Hana and they to go to Yoonhee’s hometown.


Yoonhee is at the school, visiting some places and recalling her past memories with Inha.


She sits down at her usual bench. At this time, Inha finds her there. They then sit together, just as they’ve done before.


Hana relieved to get the phone call. She tells Seo Jun that his dad found her mom at the place where they first met.

Seo Jun finally tells Hana about going to New York. He promises to wait for her and will not give up on her.


Hana tells him that she heard what he had said to her at that time.


Hana responds to him with the same words, that she loves him.





EPISODE 20 preview


Hyejung continues to be stubbornly angry as she speaks with Inha.


Seo Jun gives Yoonhee a bouquet of baby’s breath. Hana: What about mine? He gives her a smaller bouquet.


Seo Jun happily takes pictures of Inha and Yoonhee together as well as of Hana.


No explanation necessary~ ^_^


Hyejung makes an excuse to tell Seo Jun and Hana to get married!


Credit: KBS2, princessjoongjang, KRdrama, homeboy165loverain, sye9188

Source: 张根硕贴吧官方微博, KBS, 百度贴吧