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Jang Keun Suk thanks all who worked on ‘Happy Camp’


Uri Prince, eels know how playful he can be, eels know how funny he can be, eels know how crazy he can be, eels know he like to play hard, he likes to tease us, he likes to bully us, someone who doesn’t know him well, may say he is frivolous, he is arrogant. Whatever, at the end, he is a hard-working, humble and respectful young man, a non-celebrity in the celebrities.

At the end of filming (on “Happy Camp”), He Jiong announced: “Thanks for everyone’s hard work!” Sukkie immediately gave 90-degree bow to all the working staff in 3 directions and he shook hands with every staff too. He may be the one who sweated the most in the show because he did a great and hard work in the show. Still, he remembered to thank to everyone who worked on the show and show his respect to them. HE IS THE BEST!!!

By Sarah Ye♥♥


Source: EELS USA