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[30.05.2012] Jang Keun Suk updates [JKS Twitter]

I’m watching too..
나도 보고 있다..オレも見ている。。


Everybody, come come~~~!!!!


에브리바디 컴컴~~~!!!!

I’m doing like this
이러고 있다 ㄲㄲㄲ


Not boasting…it just… just… happened


자랑은 아니고…그냥…그렇다구…그냥 ㄲㄲㄲ

Ohoho..I’m embarrassed…



Yay I did it!!!!! Oricon Chart No.1!!!!!
Eels! Thank you! Please show your power more!!!!
앗싸 가오리!!!!!오리콘 1위닷!!!!!! うなぎたち!ありがとう!もっとうなぎパワをみせて!!!!


Even on the flight to Beijing, Prince of Asia is working! Cool!!!
중국가는 비행기 안에서도 열일하는 아시아프린스!!뙇!!! ベイジンに行くひこうきなかでもしごとしているアジアプリンス!さすが!


Credit: JangKeunSukForever

Source: AsiaPrince_JKS