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Asia Prince takes fans on a trip through the streets of Beijing-JKS Diary [Weibo]

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk is currently in China where he went to attend a promotional event for the brand Tong Yi Juice that he is endorsing. Today, he stormed Chinese SNS Weibo with pictures of his little tour through Beijing in the early morning. Here is a look at Asia Prince’s day in China posted by him personally:


Come out from the room, first to check if it is safe …
张根硕 : 먼저 방에서 나와 안전한지 망을 보고~

For Chinese eels who give me freedom, I will let you see a day of Asia Prince. Now start….. lah!!!
为了给我自由的中国鳗鱼们 给你们看亚洲王子的一天..!!现在开始~~~!!啦!!!!(翻译:颖)
张根硕 : 나에게 자유를 준 중국 장어들을 위해 아시아프린스의 일기를 보여주지..!! 지금부터 시작~~~! 뙇!!!!!

Street shoot begins ! ahh, exciting!
街拍开始~!啊 兴奋!!!! (翻译:颖)
张根硕 : 거리활보 시작~! 아오 씐나!!!!

The pots look nice … let me take a look. (The store is Korean grocery store, Asia Prince come to Beijing to shop at Korean store, hahahaha, so patriotic, lol.)
锅子好看 进去看看 ~~(翻译:颖)
张根硕 : 냄비가 이쁘길래 냄비구경 좀 해 주시고~

Chat with ajeossi (uncles, mid age men)!
张根硕 : 아저씨들이랑 소소하게 살아가는 이야기를 나누다가~

Asia Prince ahh!!!
张根硕 : 아시아프린스가 뙇!!!!!

I see a phone booth, want to make a phone call but find out that I have no money…..
发现公用电话 本来想打个电话结果没钱~~(翻译:颖)
张根硕 : 공중전화를 발견하고 전화좀 해 보려니 돈이 없어서~~

Look at Ajeossi playing chess.
张根硕 : 아저씨들이랑 장기 구경을 했는데~

At the construction site nearby, I almost fell down….. scared the hell of me, cri!!!
就在旁边的工地 差点掉下去~~~吓死了cri!!!
张根硕 : 바로 옆에 공사장에 떨어질뻔~~~깜놀크리!!!

No money, I didn’t even go into the market, just smoked a cigarette then go back to hotel! The end of diary from morning. A day to feel real China, wow, so happy!
没有钱 连卖场都没有进去抽了根烟回到酒店~!上午日记 完~!~!是真正感受中国的一天 哇 好开心!!!
张根硕 : 돈 없어서 매장에 들어가보지도 못하고 담배나 피고 호텔로 컴백~! 오전 일기 끝~!~! 진짜 중국을 느낀 하루였다 아오 씐나!!!

After the storm morning he messaged this around midnight, Asia Prince was apparently out on a night tour but Eels had followed him so he requested that they go home and promised that he will return to China soon to meet them. He also promised to write a similar diary tomorrow!!

Suk and his fans always fool around with each other!

Go home, go home, go home…… I will come back to China the week after next week!!!! Please go home!!!! Your moms are waiting for you at home!!!
집에가 집에가 집에가… 다담주에 또 온다고!!!!!!!!! 집에 가!!!!!!!!! 엄마가 기다린다!!!!

If you give freedom now, I will write a diary tomorrow. Go sleep, I’m kind, right? Go home now!!!!!!
너희들이 지금부터 나에게 자유를 준다면..내일도 일기를 써주겠어~~ 자~착하지? 이제 go to home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation: JangKeunSukForever 

Source: 张根硕