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[Eng] How to get someone to fall for you in 3 seconds!


Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen Episode 5 and hate spoilers.



A comical post~ please enjoy~ ^_^


What can we learn from watching Episode 5? Here’s what:


Love Rain Guide: How To Get Someone To Fall In Love With You In 3 Seconds


1. Bump into him/her INTENTIONALLY and put your cell phone inside his/her pocket!


2. Trespass into his/her room to retrieve your cell phone.


3. Get caught INTENTIONALLY so that you can take out your rival as a bonus!


4. Go to an awfully cold mountain to take photos.


5. Dress in thin clothing to INTENTIONALLY catch a cold.


6. Fall in love within 3 seconds at a hot spring!



Pretty easy, isn’t it? ^_^


Source: Official LOVERAIN Fan Community