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[Instructions] How international eels can vote for JANG KEUN SUK in Baeksang Awards

Jang Keun Suk has been nominated for Male Popularity award for the film “You’re My Pet” in the Baeksang Arts Award 2012. And here are the instruction for non-korean eels to vote for Asia Prince.


for example :

just ignore this  pictures’s period

This way of voting still remains in effect in 2012. I’m sure


1. Put the link in website address on your smartphone.

- CHINA : http://w.koo.kr/100sang/ch/index.asp

- TAIWAN : http://w.koo.kr/100sang/tw/index.asp.

- JAPAN : http://w.koo.kr/100sang/jp/index.asp

- AMERICA : http://w.koo.kr/100sang/en/index.asp

- MALAYSIA: http://w.koo.kr/100sang/my/index.asp

- SINGAPORE : http://w.koo.kr/100sang/sg/index.asp

- THAILAND: http://w.koo.kr/100sang/th/index.asp

- INDONESIA : http://w.koo.kr/100sang/id/index.asp

2. Click the login button

3. Click the sign up button

4. In the registration screen, enter the username and password(fill in a mailbox name)

5. Registration completed. Then back to the login screen, enter the username and password you just registered, and press Login

6. After logging in, You will be back to the main screen, press the vote

7. Please find “payment for voting”,then press it

8. Press the “buy a vote” buttonYou have to pay to vote 10vote / 4.99 USD

9. Fill in credit card number( may be VISA ) and its expiration Date -> Send

10. Wait a few seconds, the next screen will appear, enter CARD information (CVV) and then Send

11. after purchasing successfully ,You will go back to the main screen, choose Movie Male Popularity award , then vote for Suk


cre : JangKeunSukVietnam

Hope these instructions are helpful. Our Prince is at the second position now. Eels Fighting. WE can help our Prince win this award!!!