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Jang Geun Suk is hurt??? – twitter update 9/12/11




@treeJ_company 트리제이컴퍼니 September 12, 2011이제 나 다 알아보겠네… 아놔 하이도상과의 음주는 나에게 다래끼를 선물해주셨고….-_- 보이지 않아..근데…난누군가또여긴어딘가

J. @ treeJ_company Tree Company, September 12, 2011 and now I’ll go get it … Come on, man of high eminence for the phase of the drinking syeotgo ….-_- stye does not look to me … er … nannugungattoyeogineodinga

@treeJ_company tree j companies September 12, 2011 now will examine all… Oh to put and drink in high way and in me the creel futures Haeju be sour….- _ – is not visible not to be. Muscle…Difficulty who also [e] whom thinks [tin] is


SUKI字幕组:[SUKI]ㄧ顆樹推特更新 现在明白了,这就是过度饮酒送给我的礼物 长针眼了….-_-看不到啊..但是…我是谁我又在哪儿啊.(翻譯:喜兒)


dont worry eels.. according to jang keun suk, He’s ok.. its only because of too much drinking and he didnt hurt himself..


sorry for the translation…. Google translate…



credits: JGSPhil & I love JGS