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Jang Keun Suk exercises to get rid of his “baby-like chubby belly” [Twitter]


Gee.. I can’t connect 3G in Changsha.. I also can’t connect wifi, either.. 3G connect will be OK when I arrive in Shanghai.. Go straight to Shanghai!!!!!
아놔..장사에서 3g안터져..wifi안터져..샹하이에오니 3g도 직진이구나.. 에헤라디야~~~ 샹하이 직진!!!!!!

If you leak the photo posted on my app, you will die.
너네어플 사진 유출하면죽어!

It’s just begun! The project to get out of a baby-like-chubby belly has set out!! Can Keun-suk get out of it and play a guitar gorgeously at CRI SHOW…!!??
시작됐다! 아가배 제거 프로젝트 가동!! 과연 근석은 크리쇼에서 상의탈의후 화려한 기타연주를 할 수 있을것인가…!!!뚜둥!!!



Credits: JangKeunSukForever

Source: AsiaPrince_JKS