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Jang Keun Suk gifts ‘Love Rain’ staff and cast [News]

Our Asia Prince thanked the 120 ‘Love Rain’ staff members by giving them gift certificates worth

a total of $31,000 USD.

A representative from ‘Love Rain’ informed OSEN on June 11th, “He wanted to give something special 

to the staff members who worked really hard. Though the drama wasn’t a huge success, he felt the teamwork

(amongst the staff)  was stronger than any other project he participated in. It was his way of expressing his 

gratitude towards the staff members who helped create a lively atmosphere on set during the time they 

spent filming.”

The representative added, “This is not common, for an actor to present such a generous gift. The amount 

itself is pretty impressive, but he decided on mall gift certificates after spending time contemplating what

would serve as a meaningful gift. That’s so like him.” 


Source: Soompi, Osen via Nate


Our Prince proved once again that he is worth his title!!! ❤