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Jang Keun Suk has cute nicknames for friends [JKS Weibo]

Jang Keun Suk has updated his Weibo, posting some photos taken during his trip to China. It can be seen from the photos that he spent a very good time there, taking pictures with his friends and staff to whom he gave cute animal nicknames :) Sukkie is known for his friendly nature and he easily makes friends with people around him. It must be really fun to be his friend :)


This is the model of kronosaurus (dinosaur)
이건 쿠로노사우르스 모기 버젼…



After rejuvenating my spirits, Japanese agent (kronosaurus) has also come … by the way, this is not a person but a dinosaur KK doesn’t she look like a dinosaur??
振作精神之后发现,日本经纪人(kronosaurus)也来了啊…顺便说一下 这个不是人 而是恐龙 KK 不像恐龙吗??
정신을 차려보니 일본 매니져 쿠로노사우루스도 와있었지…참고로 사람이 아니라 공룡임 낄낄 공룡닮지않았음??



No matter what, rejuvenate my spirits. To the Bund go go~~~
不管怎么样 振作精神 向外滩 go go~~~
어쨋건 정신을 차리고 와이탄으로 꼬고~~~



wild party ….
광란의 파티…



Bluffed my mum that I slept, in the end one whole night passed like this ..
엄마한테는 이렇게 잔다고 뻥치고 하룻밤이 지나갔더랬지..



Panda, where did your shoes go~~
펜더 신발 어디갔니~~



When eating biscuits, discovered this noona~!!!!
과자막다가 이 누나를 발견~!!!!



Said before, in order to trim my tummy, to exercise every day keke
说过为了减掉小肚子,每天运动的吧 呵呵
아가 배를 제거하기 위하여 매일 운동을 했더랬지 ㅎㅎ



Ok… from now on, China journey diary starts! Today is the broadcast of Happy Camp~~
오케이..지금부터 차이나 다이어리 시작! 오늘 방송 될 쾌락대본영 녹화를 하고~~ (횽아들 누나들 전부 번호땀ㅎㅎ)



Credits: JangKeunSukForever

Source: 张根硕