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Jang Keun Suk issues more warnings to fans [JKS Weibo: 11 Aug 2012]

August 11, 2012 – Jang Keun Suk’s Official Weibo


JKS: Didn’t I say not to cross the centre line, you all are not listening?? If accidents happen, I can’t come to China anymore and this is fine with you too??? ah????


중앙선 넘어서 운전하지 말라그랬는데 너네 참 말 안드는구나? ? 사고나서 다시 중국에 내가 돌아오지 못해도 괜찮아??? 어????

I don’t want my eels to be injured in any accident .. if you don’t pay attention to safety, I can’t come to China anymore.. please pay attention to safety when driving, please… please…


내 장어들이 다치고 사고 나는거 난 원하지 않는다..안전이 바로 잡혀있지않으면 나는 다시 중국에 오지 못해.. 제발 안전운전 제발… 내가 부탁한다…

People who buy pirated merchandise, I don’t admit that you are eels …..


짝뚱굿즈랑 사는 너네는 장어로 인정하지 않겠어……

Hope you like the official merchandise~~ because I designed it~~ feel Jang Keun Suk’s soul~~~ piracy go and die~~~


공식 굿즈 애용바람~~~ 내가 만든거니까~~~ 장근석의 소울을 느껴봐~~~~ 짝퉁은 즐~~~~

Safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety safety

安全 安全 安全 安全 安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全安全

안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전 안전

Stop coming to the restaurant I’m at. Police keep asking me to go back based on security reasons. Eels, please behave more appropriately. If this keeps on happening, my concert application will not be approved. In future I cannot come to China to perform anymore. Do you know?!

别来我吃饭的地方了。公安一直以安全的理由让我回去 鳗鱼们啊 拜托适当一些吧 要是一直这样的话 我的公演许可是不会被批下来的 以后再也不能来中国演出了 知道吗?!

식당으로 모이지마라..공안이 안전상의 이유로 나 계속돌아가랜다…장어들아..제발 적당히 하자..계속 이런식이면 나 공연허가 안떨어진다.. 앞으로 중국 못오게 된다고..알았어?

Please…. I beg you all to go back …

拜托你们了…求你们 都 回去吧…

부탁한다 제발…다 돌아가라…

No matter who, quickly translate my words… I … possibly in future cannot come to China again….

不管是谁 快点把我说的话 翻译了吧 我…..可能以后再也不能来中国了…..

누구든 빨리 내 말 통역해서 올려라.. 나..다신 중국 못오게 될 수 있다…

Is ShenZhen’s concert to be cancelled…? Please, enough is enough, go back…. please…..


심천공연 취소되는건가….? 적당히 하고 돌아가라.. 제….발….

Not treasuring the chance of seeing (me) for one lifetime. (You all) had to choose to act so wildly and the result is to see (me) for one minute, and then never see (me) again. You all are really very “great”…The sasaeng van driver who looked me in the eye, laughed at me and pointed at me, I’m going to say goodbye to you too. Live well, keep laughing at me!

把一辈子都能看到的都不好好珍惜 随便对待想要看几分钟就扔掉..您实在是太伟大了啊..和我对视嘲笑着对我指点的私生饭 追车的司机也是永远再见吗..好好活吧..一直嘲笑着我..

평생 볼 수 있는걸 아끼지 못하고 함부로대하다 고작 몇 분 보고 버리려하다니..대단하십니다.. 나랑 눈마주치고 비웃으면서 나한테 손가락질하던 사생팬 봉고차 기사도 영원히 안녕인가.. 잘살아라..계속 나 비웃으면서..

Spent a wonderful night with eels on a wonderful stage. The hardworking staff did not get to eat their full before being chased out. Really need to express my thanks to the few sasaeng fans … really speechless… sorry, eels, you all must have gotten a scare. Making you all feel down, feel worried, all because of those few sasaeng fans … understand clearly

和鳗鱼们一起制造了最好的舞台 让辛苦的工作人员们不能吃上一顿饭的个别几个私生饭们谢谢..真是无奈了..对不起啊鳗鱼们..你们肯定很心动的但是让你们搞得心情不好和让你们担心..私生饭都是因为你们.. 要清清楚楚的明白

장어들과 함께 최고의 무대를 만들어 놓고 고생해 준 스텝들과 밥한끼못먹고 쫓겨나게 만들어준 몇몇 사생팬들에게 감사하며…어의가 없군.. 미안하다 장어들아 .. 설레었을텐데 기분 망치고 걱정하게 해서.. 사생팬 너네 때문이야..똑똑히 알아들어

Hope that Jason is safe … sasaeng fans made many people become fools …


제이슨이 무사하길 바랄뿐… 사생아이들 여러사람 바보 만드네…

What am I doing now..


내가 지금 뭐하고 있는 걸까..


Jinni’s Side Note: In case you missed what has happened here… Because they were not able finish the nice meal that they all had ordered at the restaurant, Sukkie and staff had to return to the confines of the hotel and eat these noodles.

Not that Chinese noodles are bad or anything, it’s just that this entire situation with the sasaengs has been more than disturbing and very troublesome, especially for Sukkie. I wish that they would not do these kinds of things anymore and stop giving him so much heartache and suffering.



Translation Credit: JangKeunSukForever

Source: 张根硕