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Jang Keun Suk & Pretty Man/Beautiful Man

Recently had been shown the drama “Beautiful Man”/”Prett Man” on the Korean channel KBS2 starring by actor Jang Keun Suk the Asia Prince and actress IU. The number of drama’s episodes was 16.


The storyline revolves around a beautiful man who plays his role keun Suk which is based on meeting a ten women to learn from each one of them wisdom to be able to reach to his target which is face the forces that indomitable the owner of the MG groups s ohe can meet his father .but in the end……[spoilers]

This drama, which keun Suk said about it (that it was a challenge for him to play this comedy series at the age of 27) it was a challenge passed successfully and easily by him as he is known in his carer he passed the difficulties by hard work and his self-confidence which was awarded to him by his multiple talents and that made for him a wide fan base skip by it boundary south Korea and deserved because of it the nickname (Asia Prince) and skip boundary Asia to reach the whole world and the time has come for him to be a (Prince of world)
The selection of beautiful man was truly an excellent choice to him as if this text was written for him only and there is no beautiful man without Keun Suk.

Keun Suk, who began his career in the face of cameras since the age of five when he filmed advertisements and then followed by his rich career with drama and successful films we found him in a series beautiful man has reached to his top maturity by endure his responsibility as a man and confrontation difficulties and starting from zero until he reached the peak of his success.

In fact this drama very match his real life so when he act in beautiful man he came down the curtain on this difficult part of his life and sent a message that he has reached his target with diligence and dedication in work and he has become a well-established roots and he like a mountain

Constant and stable whatever hit by strong winds for that he said this is his last comedy drama. Although Keun Suk says that the drama is a comedy and the drama teaser was also seems to be comedy and that is making the viewer believes that this drama will be filled only with laughter but in fact, after watch it we found it contains a funny situation surrounded by a deep meaningful touches our real life.

Despite the extreme cold during the filming of the series and the ongoing work and effort and fatigue all of these difficulties the drama came out in a very great picture deserve appreciation and watch over and over. We also forgotten that was a drama because of the excellent acting it was as if a realistic program where people act on their nature.

The biggest effort in this series was on Keun Suk because he had to deal with different women and must know how to reach them so he had to change his hairstyle and his clothes to compatible with the woman who will deal with.

Different expressions comedy, which was carried out by Keun Suk you can say about it was a real Animesn no one can do it just Keun Suk because he is a real actor with a special talent.

And also his acting in sad dramatic situations from the first episode when his Mother who raised him died to the difficulties he faced it because he entered to the business world to knowing his real mother and deal with her to give up on his love that he felt it lately this evolution of events in homogeneous way really effect in us touched our hearts made us cry and we learned from them lessons.

• We learned that the beauty alone is not enough to get to your purpose it may be a curse for you if you do not know how to use it in right way.
• The money alone will not protect you from your mistakes but you must get it legally and put it in the right place so does not be the reason in hurt you.
• To know your weak point before knowing the weaknesses of others and control it before the others control you.
• Knowing how to deal with people and build relationships with them through attention, even if it was just a question about how they are.
• To leave a good impression about you with the others, it earns love and respect to you.
• The pursuit of fame for fame only make you sell your principles for personal benefits.
• The Person not born with hard heart but acquires this cruelty because mistreated to him by the people but if done well to him you can own his heart and make him soft.

• Do not depend on others to know the secret of your happiness so as not to be a target for exploitation but you should strive to search for it by yourself.

• Love is not just talk love is acts and sacrifice for the one you love even if his happiness next to someone else Love is protect the one you love in any way love is that you like to see your lover happy and always strives to make the smile on his face.

• To be a faithful to those who extend a helping hand to you and do not abandon them, even if got what you want.

• Man cannot be beautiful by just his shape he must be elegant, brave have high manners and principles make him sure to preserve the dignity of the people who love him and refuses to sacrifice in anything in order to reach what he want, even if he want it strongly.

This is what we have learned from the drama of the beautiful man drama fraught by respect and love drama supported by Keun Suk fans before they see it by food carts that came from the distant country geographically and culturally from Korea such as Arab world, Russia ,north & Latin America and Turkey

In order to encourage their prince and tell him that he surrounds by their love and they keen him and worried about his health for his diligence in work for late hours and they are with him in anything he does, because they are confident of their prince choices and they are sure that he will always do the right thing.

Thanks for all actors and staff for this wonderful and beautiful drama. Thank you so much Jang Keun Suk to be a Dokgo Ma-Te and always we will be waiting your works with big passion This words not enough to describe you but you deserve what we have said about you. Be always okay so does not leave your beautiful face your beautiful smile full of happiness that gives your fans joy and comfort.
Written by(Hadeel) from Arab world