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Jang Keun Suk will DJ on his birthday? [JKS Twitter]

UMF KOREA is an electronic music festival that will take place on August 3 and 4. Neither Jang Keun Suk nor Big Brother have been announced as performers yet however Jang Keun Suk wrote on twitter as if he will be performing as a DJ at this event. As you know, August 4 is his birthday, so who knows… maybe he will perform as a special guest? If I were in Korea, I would definitely go and check :D

You can check the event website here: UMF



Most Koreans don’t know that I am a DJ as Team H.. I’m a bit scared of UMF.. What if no one don’t respond our play… Besides, the following DJ after me is Tiesto.. Should I drink with him..?
내다 team-h라는 이름으로 디제잉하는거 한국사람들은 거의 모른다..근데 umf는 좀 무섭네..아무도 호응 안하면 어쩌지… 심지어 내 뒤에 티엣,토인데..티에스토랑 술 한잔 해야되나..


I mistyped.. Tiesto… zikzin
가오빠지게 오타났넹..Tiesto…zikzin



Youngest aunt’s dining table… is quite different from my mother’s..
막내 이모의 밥상….엄마와은 참 다르군요..



It’s hot as blazes.. First dental.. Thanks for my teeth.. By the way, why my car doesn’t come out..?
날씨 와방덥네.. 퍼스트 치과..이빨 고마워요.. 근데 차는 왜 안나오는거냐규..



Album Producer: If there were 10 Jang Keun Suks, the earth might have been conquered..
JKS: It’s a burden to do so alone..
@ashura1999: 장근석이 10명있담 지구는 정복당했을고야.. チャン·グンソクが10人いれば、地球は征服にあったかもしれない。。。 http://pic.twitter.com/1Lax5Co8”ㅡ짐 혼자서 하려니 빡셈..


Staff: You are not alone. kk
JKS : Do you comfort me?
@codeinconnu: @AsiaPrince_JKS @ashura1999 넌 혼자가 아니얔ㅋㅋ”ㅡ위로냐


Credits: tenshi_akuma

Source: AsiaPrince_JKS, ashura1999, codeinconnu