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Jang Keun Suk’s sincere thoughts and actions – ‘Cri Show 2′ Press Conference [Interview]

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk attended a press conference for his upcoming Asia Tour ‘Cri Show 2′ yesterday. Here is a small excerpt from his interview. His sincerity and determination is reflected in his words.


1. Even before this, there were so many tests, frustrations, pressures, and one more thing; I hope all of you can understand, I want to do my Cri Show on my own land. If you feel happy in Seoul, care for this place, this makes me feel happy too. First show starts in Seoul because I have the confidence, even I go overseas, my country won’t feel shame because of me, because I AM MADE IN KOREA!!!

2. Last year’s show had somewhat felt as a singer, most of the performances were from the new album and OST songs, It was hard to me. In fact, I didn’t feel it was rich and colorful enough. But this time, I choose purple as the theme color for the show first, I also conducted the plot of the show. During this time, the album which has my own music and lyrics had released, compare to as a growing up work, the more I felt was responsibilities.

3. Instead of to do an easy show as an entertainer, I want to have my own stage to sing my own unique music, this is the place (Seoul). I have the confidence. Compare to last year’s Cri Show, the biggest difference is that we invested much more money into it. For this, I feel the big burden and also got beat by mother. I think: It is not important that how many people come to see the show; how big the stage is; the contents of show is the most important.

4. Last year when I was performed in Tokyo Dome, I felt that was a Mega place, (also because of this), I didn’t put all the attention to the dome itself. If this year I can still go there, I will focus on giving a complete show and work even harder since I want to hear you say: This time the content of the show is richer.” As for releasing the new album in Japan, there are not many fans in Korea knew about it, because I didn’t really do much promotion in Korea.

5. Even this may be sounded timid, but I hope (in Korea) to gain recognition from my acting. In Korea, in fact, an actor to perform in a huge venue is not an easy thing. I only do this for my fans. To have a show here doesn’t mean to let people think this is just a show as ”Hey, I’m doing great here”, but as a first show in my country, my land, to let my fans to say: “He did such a great show!”

6. When I was preparing the new album, the first thing was to decide the “color” of it then went for next. I was just randomly thinking of my purple credit card, I decided to use purple, or dark pink, the color can symbol mysterious in the fantasy world, so I designed circus & magic show. The theme of show is: To gain back those fantasies that was lost from being an adult — Welcome to magic world.

7. (Regarding use of the donations and rice wreathes) I hope I won’t let my fans down for their nice wishes. The donations will be used for orphanages and places in need. My parents always tell me: You gain much, you will share and dedicate much.” I and my parents we don’t see each other very often, occasionally we get together, what we talk always like this: “Mother, this time I did this donation…..” As long as people get help from my donations, I will be happy.

8. I like to go to new places to get new challenges. The “contented” and “safe” is not my type. The end of this year (after Cri Show) I will go to Europe to have Clubbing Tour, I would like to use some small club to do electronic music DJ, to travel many cities. The plan is with about 1500 people to do an interesting journey “Play-drink-play”.
Note: Here is the link of the media report about his Europe Clubbing Tourhttp://news.nate.com/view/20120707n10499

9. The Cri Show 2 total have spent 20 billion won, even all the tickets sold out, the income won’t be over how much we have put in already. If you want to ask me what I do this for? I will tell you, I want people to know, Korean is what kind of people, in Korea, there are also people that they are not grudge of spending money but just want to have fun. When I am thinking, this is for my fans, I can manage to adjust the situation.

10. The past 4 months was really difficult, I was in a war with myself. I learnt to suppose not to support, I learnt to hit the break; I learnt to take a rest at certain time. I learnt (how) to treat the others, the others (how) to treat me. I feel I need to have time to think. (about recent) I will be busy again, now is time to do the plans. I want to challenge something that I haven’t tried yet, I want to harvest sentiments, I want to save more energy.

11. To get rid of “empty momentum”? I need to use my own force, I bought a 6 story building in Shibuya, the reason is that I want to have my own store, through the join venture with 비wm니 Company, the fashion store will be opened soon. Someone may ask, why you work so hard, because I can’t see my future, the future may not be as happy as I am now. I have to non-stop climb to the top. I don’t want to be miserable when I fell, so I have to learn to work.

12. Before I have thought if Jang Keun Suk becomes the owner of 편집샵(Concept Store, Select shop 或 Multi-shop)how that would be? When I had this question till now I have my own multi-shop, without help from parents, without help from my managers, I went to fashion companies myself to show them my proposals, I worked with designers, I opened my own store.

13. (Regarding to come back as an actor) I have received lots of scripts, but there are so many things I want to try, so please wait. (regarding “empty momentum”) After I used Asia Prince as my twitter ID, someone said I’m just empty momentum, but in my opinion, to get rid of empty momentum, I will change to WorldPrince, Asia Prince was my dream, to get even more bigger dream, to take challenge, I will change the title to WorldPrince.

14: Q: What’s your thought about the last semester in university? A: I still have one semester (laugh). This has nothing to do with age, college life to me is very exciting. I am 06 class, but to study together the young kids of 13 class or 12 class, I feel very happy.

Credit: JangKeunSukforever