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[Korean Drama]PHILIPPINES is ready for LOVERAIN

Hello pretty EEL’s
LOVE RAIN will be raining outside KOREA including PHILIPPINES  soon!!To all filipino’s we can watch LOVE RAIN drama at ABS-CBN channel very soon!!

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{Video translation}
*Asia’s Prince JANG KEUN SUKis back to steal our hearts together with Girls generation Yoona,in the drama Love rain..BE the Best, with the first and true home of Asianovelas…ABS-CBN.*


HALLYU STAR JANG KEUN SUK and SNSD’s YOONA will steal our hearts with a periodic drama taking us all back when love was sweeter,tougher and pure…And take us to the present when love is still above all things..

LOVE RAIN drama will be aired in KOREA  this coming march 26th at 9:55 PM,Monday and Friday..Starring JANG KEUN SUK and SNSD YOONA..Those EEL’s from different countries can watch LOVERAIN through Livestream on march 26th..(eel’s finish all your work one hour before the airing of loverain)hehe..
(JANG KEUN SUK) will play the double role of Seo InHa/SeoJun, an art student in the 1970s and a liberal photographer, In Ha’s son SeoJun in present Korea.

(YoonA) of SNSD will be his leading lady, who will play as double role as Kim YoonHee/Ha na.

“Love Rides The Rain” tells the tale of Seon Inha who will do anything for the woman he loves during the 1970s, while Seo joon is a programmer who lives a free lifestyle in the present.

The drama will focus on the essence of love in the 1970s and in the 21st century Korea..


PLease put on your calendar march 25th our trending event..Trend #loverain …FIGHTING!!