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‘Letter to the Prince’ Jang Keun Suk [Poem]

Here is a sweet poem by an Eel to the master!! Enjoy friends..

Letter to the Prince

Let me tell you that you are the most beautiful man in the world,

Everything about you makes me smile,

Your eyes so deep, I could fall into them and sink in pools of dark caramel,

Eyes that can captivate and capture, but that can also be sweet,

I love your face, I could stare at it forever,

Your nose, your cheeks, your chin, your jaw, all of it,

Total perfection and my eyes are greedy for the feast,

Your neck so manly, your shoulders so broad,

And your slim physique that I find strangely appealing,

I could talk of your hands, large and slender, the kind you would want to hold,

Or those legs that look great in shorts,

I could even mention that tiny waist that for some reason I find so incredibly sexy,

But still, the most beautiful thing about you, is the thing I see shining behind your eyes,

I see it in your mannerisms, and I can see it when you talk,

It’s what’s inside,

You are the most beautiful man in the world,

The way you laugh, the way you think, the way you dance,

Everything about who you are, everything that makes you you, this is what makes you beautiful,

No one can compare to you, you are simply the one and only,

Continue to be the amazing, beautiful person you are,

And I for one am glad to have you in my life,

I am proud to call myself an eel.


If a person is truly beautiful it will shine out of them however they try to hide; and it rarely has anything to do with the external

By Rebecca Doddrell

7th June 2012

Inspired by and dedicated to 장근석