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‘Love Rain’ brings back past hits ‘Autumn In My Heart’ and ‘Winter Sonata’

KBS2’s Love Rain is playing host to fairly low viewership ratings. What is noticeable in the midst of its suffering, however, is producer Yoon Suk Ho’s insistence in including hints of his previous pieces in his more recent characters. He’s now doing so in Love Rain through Girls’ Generation Yoona’s role Kim Yun Hee and Jung Ha Na.



The first flashback came during the yellow umbrella scene between Yun Hee and Seo In Ha (Jang Keun Suk) in front of the library, which resembled Song Hye Gyo’s yellow umbrella, Song Seung Hun and the raft of KBS2’s Autumn In My Heart. Producer Yoon Suk Ho also tried to incorporate a memorable scene from Winter Sonata into Love Rain through Yoona. While Yun Hee of the 70s became Song Hye Gyo, Winter Sonata was taken on by the character Jung Ha Na of 2012.



The fifth episode, to be aired on April 9, will show the hot spring date between photographer Seo Joon (Jang Keun Suk) and the positive girl Jung Ha Na in beautiful Hokkaido. The two happen to meet there, and when they end up alone in a hot spring, they start to be drawn toward each other. The style Yoona dons for the hot spring scene catch the eye. The scarf and the way her character knots it remind viewers of how Bae Yong Jun wore his scarf in Winter Sonata in 2002. The scarf that Bae Yong Jun used in the drama at the time became a big fashion item labeled the ‘Bae Yong Jun scarf’.

The reason Yoona keeps reliving Autumn In My Heart and Winter Sonata is probably related to producer Yoon Suk Ho’s directing style. Yoon Suk Ho is a director that aims for aesthetics in his videos. He cares for every detail in order to capture a piece of art on camera. Of course, he probably can’t deny that part of it comes from his wish to bring back the glory he enjoyed in the past.


Translation by Erika Kim

Photos by KBS2


Source: enews24