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[Love Rain] Ep 15 screenshots + Ep 16 Preview

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Recap: Episode 15 (TBA)

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Ep. 16 preview with English subs: Be sure to turn on the CC.

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Spoiler Alert!!!

Note that below here can’t be considered a full recap. I’m only writing up descriptions to go along with the screenshots.





Seo Inha recalls that he had seen Seo Jun together with Hana. Seo Jun soon realizes that his dad knew about Hana before he came to see him.


Inha didn’t let on that he knew before because for 30 years, he was thinking that Yoonhee was dead. Now, she is there in front of him like a miracle, making it hard to let her go again. He asks Seo Jun for a little more time. He tells Seo Jun that he doesn’t want to hurt him, to which Seo Jun calls his dad a liar. He gets up to leave. While driving the car, he is in a bitter mood.


Inha takes out the old painting that he had completed in college, the one depicting Yoonhee reading a book. Meanwhile, Seo Jun has gone to see Hana.


Hana quickly takes Seo Jun away, worried that her mom might see him. Seo Jun becomes a bit angry and asks her if this is what she considers “family,” referring to them lying, running away and hiding. Then he goes on to say that they should just be together, to be honest and not care about anything else.


Hana is touched by his words. She hugs him, but can only offer him an apology. Before leaving, he says to her that family has always hurt him and that it would be the same for her.


On his way out, Seo Jun is unhappy to see his dad arriving at the house. Inha had come to give Yoonhee the painting.


Inha recalls the time and effort that he put in to complete the painting while Yoonhee recalls how she had accidentally seen it. Hana puts on a brave face in front of the elders. Inha starts with an apology to her, making Hana wonder what he could be saying sorry for. He says that he’s sorry for coming so late and bothering them. Hana takes her leave and heads to her room, where her true mood is clear.


Hana goes through the photos on her camera, especially looking at the ones of her together with Seo Jun. Seo Jun is in the car, at loss on what to do. Yoonhee thinks Inha is acting a bit strange.


Inha takes her hand and insists that nothing is wrong. Meanwhile, Seo Jun has entered his mom’s house and Hye-jung shows him the wedding invitation. She mentions that Inha’s birthday is coming up and wants the family to have a dinner together.


Yoonhee is now shopping for groceries with Inha, who doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. Yoonhee insists that they should because it’s her first time being with him for his birthday. They’ll also invite friends to come over. She tells him to think of it as just another meal. Inha gives in and agrees to have the gathering.

Meanwhile… Seo Jun is hard at work for another photo shoot. Miho is one of the models again. Of course, she takes the opportunity to remind Seo Jun of their “date.” Seo Jun thinks that since they see each other all the time, what’s the point of a date? Miho points out that she hates him seeing her as a sister. Upon hearing that, Seo Jun agrees to a date and lets her decide the details.


Sunho calls Hana, being worried about her. Hana tells him about Inha’s birthday gathering. She invites him to come and tells him to bring his dad.

While working, Jo Soo accidentally drops a stack of photos. Seo Jun realizes that they are Hana’s pictures from the beach. Later, as he in looking at these pictures, Seo Jun thinks of Hana’s words of them being a family.


Yoonhee sees flickering lights and goes to sit down on the couch. Later, Hana notices that something is weird and asks her mom if she is sick. Yoonhee denies it.


It is now Inha’s birthday gathering. Dongwook and Changmo are happy to see the old painting handing on the wall.


Meanwhile, Sunho is helping to set the table. Yoonhee comments that he really resembles Dongwook.

A present from Taesung arrives, prompting Changmo to tease if it’s from Hana’s boyfriend. Hana quickly denies it. Just then, Seo Jun arrives, which surprises everyone because he hadn’t told anyone that he was coming.


They all sit down to eat. The mood is quite awkward. Suddenly, Seo Jun congratulates his dad on the wedding.


Dongwook and Changmo talk about how in college, Inha didn’t express his feelings because he was thinking of other people’s feelings. Hearing this, Seo Jun hints to his dad that he (Inha) is a hypocrite.

During the conversations, Dongwook and Changmo say several things that make it uncomfortable for those at the table who know the truth about Seo Jun and Hana.

Also, during this time, Dongwook mentions that he already sees Seo Jun as a son-in-law. Sunho jumps in and points out to his dad that Seo Jun isn’t interested in Miho.


Later, Seo Jun sees his dad’s painting of Yoonhee. Inha enters the room and starts to say something but Seo Jun doesn’t want to listen. As he is leaving, he encounters Hana outside and acts coldly towards her.

Meanwhile, Inha is in deep thought. He is pacing back and forth, which Yoonhee sees.


When he returns to the table, Inha tells Yoonhee that he has something to say. Yoonhee gives him her present to him, which is a watch like the one he had previously given to her. Seeing the watch, he ends up not saying anything.


Seo Jun arrives at his mom’s house, where Hana is waiting for him. Hana says that they should avoid the situations like what happened earlier in the day. Seo Jun refuses to go along with her suggestion, saying that he’s not going to try to avoid her or escape.


Suddenly, Seo Jun hugs Hana behind the wall. Actually, he’s trying to hide her because just at that time, his mom is returning home with Miho. After they had gone inside the house, Seo Jun still holds onto Hana. Eventually, they slowly step away from each other. Seo Jun insists on driving Hana back home.


Meanwhile…Inha takes out the watch that Yoonhee had returned to him on the day that he was leaving to serve in the army. As for Yoonhee, she recalls the sight of Inha pacing back and forth, worrying about what could have him so vexed. She also realizes that her vision is getting worse.


It is a silent car ride for Seo Jun and Hana.

The next morning, Hana wakes up and is surprised to find Taesung sitting at the table. Later, when they arrive at work, he gives her movie tickets.

Miho suddenly appears beside her and sees the tickets. Since she is there for a photo shoot, Hana automatically looks around for Seo Jun. Miho tells her that she didn’t come with him and that they should talk.


Miho first asks if Hana is dating Taesung. When Hana says that they are not, Miho comments that Taesung is a good person. Knowing that Inha and Yoonhee are getting married, she points out to Hana that Seo Jun would become her brother. Miho is delighted by this because now she can be Seo Jun’s girlfriend and Hana can be the sister. In that case, they need to get along with each other.


Meanwhile… back at the cafe…

Jeon-sul asks begs Sunho for a job because he’s not receiving any money from his dad. Sunho has him wash the dishes but the glass cups end up shattered to pieces in the sink. Jo Soo then tries to let him help out with his work but Jeon-sul ends up destroying the photos with the cutter. Now, as Jeon-sul is standing in the garden like a child waiting for punishment to be handed to him, Sunho approaches him and asks him to look after the flowers.


Jeon-sul happily agrees and starts talking to the flowers. Sunho comments that this reminds him of the former gardener, who also talked to the flowers.

At this time, when Jo Soo goes to throw away the destroyed photos, he notices that Hana’s photos from the beach are in the trash. He gets an idea. He goes into Hana’s old room and moves her line of photos to the wall of Seo Jun’s room.


On the phone with Inha, Yoonhee doesn’t let him know that she is on her way to see the doctor. Inha arrives at Jun Studio. When he enters his son’s room, he sees the line of Hana’s photos on the wall.

As Yoonhee is leaving, the words of the doctor echo in her mind. She should be prepared to be going blind in about 6 months or 1 year from now.


Taesung and Hana meet up at the theatre. So actually, his intention was to take her to a funny movie just to make her laugh.

Meanwhile… Yoonhee’s staff member is helping Yoonhee try on the dress. Inha arrives. Seeing her in looking so beautiful, he can’t help but smile.


Back at the theatre…

Taesung and Hana are coming down the escalator. Miho and Seo Jun happen to be at the bottom level. Miho sees them and exchanges some words with Taesung-oppa. Miho latches onto Seo Jun’s arm for their “date.” Seo Jun takes Miho to leave while Taesung takes Hana to leave.


Elsewhere… Inha tells Yoonhee that he “has something to say.”


Seo Jun sits down with Miho as the movie starts. She says that she had no idea things would turn out this way. He is a bit angry and gets up to leave. At the same time, Hana sits down with Taesung to eat. She apologizes to him and gets up to leave.

As they are both on their way out, Seo Jun spots Hana in the distance and runs to catch up with her. Once he’s caught up, he grabs her arm and leads her away.


Elsewhere… Inha says to Yoonhee that they may have to give up on the idea of the wedding, considering Seo Jun’s unhappy feelings.


Outside of the theatre, Seo Jun has taken Hana to a balcony. Lovingly looking into her eyes as she begins to tear up, he moves in for the kiss…





EPISODE 16 preview


Inha talks to Yoonhee about calling off the wedding.


Saving Miho from getting hit by a motorist, Seo Jun accidentally injures Hana.


Seo Jun tries talking to Hana again.


Credit: KBS2

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