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[Love Rain] Ep 17 screenshots + Ep 18 preview

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Recap: Episode 17 (TBA)

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Official KBS Ep. 18 Text Preview

Yoonhee asks Seo Jun to keep her condition a secret from Hana and Inha, making Seo Jun distressed.
Hye-jung wants Hana to break up with Seo Jun, to which Hana replies that she can’t do that.
Although Inha and Yoonee agreed to break up, Inha is having a difficult and painful time adjusting.

윤희의 상태를 알게 된 준은 충격을 받는다. 윤희는 하나와 인하에게는 비밀로 해달라고 준에게 부탁하고, 준은 고민에 빠진다. 한 편, 혜정과 마주한 하나는 준과 헤어질 수 없다고 말한다. 인하는 윤희와 헤어지고 마음을 정리하려 하지만 일에도 집중하지 못한 채 괴로운 시간을 보내는데.

得知允熙状况的俊受到了冲击. 允熙请求俊向夏娜和仁河保持秘密,俊也陷入了苦恼. 另一方面,和惠静相遇的夏娜说她没办法和俊分手. 仁河和允熙分手,虽然想要整理好心,但做什麼事都无法专心,度过了痛苦的时间.




Ep. 18 preview with English subs: Be sure to turn on the CC.

YouTube Preview Image



Warning: spoilers included below

Please keep in mind that this is not a full recap, since I’m just writing descriptions to match the screenshots. Now, here are some scenes to look forward to:





Seo Jun takes Hana by the hand and they take off running. It appears that Hye-jung doesn’t realize who was on the bridge and just keeps on walking. The happy couple go for a drive and enjoy each other’s company.


Inha has come to see Yoonhee. As they are talking, Hye-jung walks in and sits down to “have a talk.”


Yoonhee lets Hye-jung know that Inha and her have decided to just be friends. Hye-jung scoffs at that and sarcastically repeats the word “friends.” Yoonhee asks her not to come over anymore for “that kind of reason” (anything relating to the Inha-Yoonhee love relationship) and comments that the next time that they meet, Yoonhee hopes that they could be friends.


After Yoonhee goes into the house, Inha leaves with Hye-jung. They sit down to talk and Hye-jung questions him about why the wedding was canceled. She wants to know how come Miho seems to think that Seo Jun is the reason. If he doesn’t tell her, she would just go directly to Seo Jun and ask him instead. Inha tells her not to bother Seo Jun about this.


Seo Jun and Hana arrive at a place that is meant for just the two of them. They can “hide” there for a while.


(I’ll add in a couple more shots of the back hug. ^_^)


When they go outside, they have some fun… which includes Seo Jun chasing Hana around and jokingly trying to push each other into the water. They then head into the marketplace. They look at some clothes and taste some food, leading Hana to feed Seo Jun a sample. Because of this, a nice Granny thinks that they must be a newly-wed couple. Hana denies it, prompting Granny to ask if they are siblings. Seo Jun puts his arm around Hana to confirm Granny’s original assumption. Now, Granny gives them a discount!


Seo Jun counts to three. From now on, they should think of themselves.


Hana: Are you a good cook? You don’t look like it.

Seo Jun: Why are you staring at me? Am I that handsome?

After all this, Hana finds something interesting in the book. It is very similar to Diamond Snow.


With the mentioning of Diamond Snow, Seo Jun asks Hana about the necklace that he gave her before. Thinking that he threw away the ring that she gave him, Hana tells him that she threw it away. Ta da! Seo Jun shows her that he was wearing her ring on chain around his neck. He gives the ring back to her, wanting her to give it to him again later tomorrow. He then gets up and goes back to cooking as Hana smiles with the ring in her hand.


Yoonhee finds out from her staff member that earlier in the day, a guy who seems to be Hana’s boyfriend came looking for Hana and the two of them left together. She makes sure to say that the boy was not Taesung.


Hana gives Seo Jun’s cooking a taste. He comments to her that she’s the first girl he’s ever cooked for.


Hana is startled to get a phone call from her mom. Seo Jun encourages her to answer it. When she is talking to Yoonhee, Hana lies that she’s at school and has to stay late.


Taesung goes to visit Yoonhee. Yoonhee knows that Hana has someone who she likes and asks him if he knows who it is. He says that “that guy” is not suitable and Hana and asks Yoonhee to stop them, making her wonder “that guy” is what kind of person?


Seo Jun and Hana sit outside to talk. Hana brings up the point if their parents will never be together. It starts to rain, but the two of them stay outside and get soaked.


Yoonhee goes into Hana’s room and finally sees the truth in the pictures saved on Hana’s camera. She recalls the various little things that Seo Jun, Inha, and Hana had said to her before. Putting the pieces together, she is hit with the full force of the pain that her daughter must’ve experienced.


Hana is peacefully sleeping on Seo Jun’s lap while he is in deep thought about something. When Hana wakes up, she doesn’t see him anywhere. She goes outside and finds him standing by the river.


Seo Jun tells Hana that he wants to see many things together with her. Can their love be realized? Hana slips the ring onto his finger.

Hana: I choose you, Seo Jun. Because no matter what, you are my first. I will be by your side.


In the morning, Yoonhee waits for Hana to return home. She sees Seo Jun’s car and that he is escorting Hana home. It’s clear that the feelings between the two kids are very good.

When Hana enters the house, Yoonhee doesn’t ask her anything but goes on to make breakfast. The atmosphere surrounding the mother and daughter is a bit awkward.


Meanwhile… Hye-jung shows up at White Garden and Jeon-sul greets her as Changmo’s nephew. The topic turns to the gardener and Jeon-sul says Hana’s name out loud. Very soon after this, Sunho jumps into the conversation and lets Auntie know that Seo Jun is not dating the “gardener.” Hye-jung thinks Miho must’ve been wrong then. Just then, Seo Jun appears and Hye-jung immediately asks him where he’s been all night.


Hye-jung wants to meet the girl that Seo Jun is seeing, but of course he refuses. Hye-jung comments that it’s weird for his dad to cancel a wedding because of Seo Jun. She wants to know why, but Seo Jun says nothing.


Hana still feels apologetic towards her mom. Yoonhee thanks her for telling the truth and asks when she can meet “him.” Hana says that if she’s prepared to see him, then she can meet him. Yoonhee then says that she hopes Hana can be with the person who she loves. She hopes that Hana could do what  she wasn’t able to do.


Hana goes to find Taesung, knowing that he was at her mom’s house the night before. Hana tells him not to worry and also that she has already decided to be together with Seo Jun.


After talking with Taesung, Hana has an unpleasant encounter with Hye-jung. Hana, with some courage, is able to tell her that she is Taesung’s junior* and also that they are just friends. With that, Hye0jung says nothing and leaves (with a disgusted expression on her face).

*There isn’t much of a word for it in English. Chinese: 小辈 xiao bei or 后辈 hou bei and Japanese: 後輩 kouhai)


Once she sees Taesung, Hye-jung questions him about Hana. Taesung confirms that Hana works as a gardener in his staff.


At work, Miho notices that Seo Jun seems to be in a good mood. But then, she sees the ring on his finger.


Yoonhee comes to visit Inha and finds that his studio is in a big mess. She insists on cleaning up for him, and so he goes out for a walk.

While out on his walk, we see Inha recalling the conversation that just happened. Yoonhee had changed her mind about staying as friends. Although their time together was short, it was happy. She is grateful for that. Yoonhee had also come to return the engagement ring to Inha.


Knowing that Inha had known the truth about their children, Yoonhee understands his heart and thanks him for breaking up with her. She will remember him as this kind of (nice/good) person.


Back at White Garden, Jeon-sul hears Miho crying and comes out to talk to her. Miho tries to leave but he lets her know that if she wants to cry, then just cry. Then after that, she can fix her mascara…


Seo Jun and Hana talk over the phone… sharing some very “sweet” words.


Hana mentions that she wants to eat chocolate. Seo Jun decides immediately to go out and buy her some.


Hana tells her mom that she wants to go out to buy chocolate and asks if Yoonhee needs anything. Then, Hana goes outside and calls Seo Jun. They are talking on the phone when he arrives with a bag of chocolate in hand.


As they are drinking soju, Hana asks him if he had called his dad yet. Seo Jun says that he hadn’t yet but that knows he should first thank as well as apologize to his dad. It’s hard for him to say all that, commenting that not all families are warm/close. But anyway, from now on, the two of them will forever be together. He reaches out to hold her hand.


At school, Hana goes to see Professor Seo and presents to him a pot of plants. She gives him simple instructions to leave the pot by the window and water them once a week.

Hana goes on to say that although Seo Jun had not come to see him, Inha should know that Seo Jun is very grateful and also apologetic towards him. Inha replies that he understands Seo Jun’s heart and is very pleased to know that Seo Jun and Hana could be together.


Hana calls Seo Jun and tells him that she’s already arrived but Seo Jun says he’ll be there a few hours later. He will tell her when he arrives.

Actually, he is at the botanical gardens looking for Yoonhee. He sees her as she becomes dizzy. After he helps her pick up the things that were dropped and she gets up, she can barely see Seo Jun’s face in front of her… She initially doesn’t even realize that it was him and begins to walk past him but turns around to try seeing again. She seems to be able to see Seo Jun’s confused expression.


At this same time…

Hearing footsteps and thinking that Seo Jun has arrived, Hana goes to open the door. Her smile quickly disappears when it’s Hye-jung on the other side.





EPISODE 18 preview


Hye-jung makes it clear that she wants Miho as a daughter-in-law and demands that Hana leave Seo Jun.

Yoonhee tries to hide her impending blindness from Inha.

Seo Jun goes to his dad and asks for help.


Credit: KBS2

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