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[Love Rain] Ep 20 screenshots, Finale

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Recap: Episode 20 (TBA)

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Below are only descriptions to provide context for the screenshots. Please do not take this as a full recap.



I am really really really so so sorry about the EXTREME delay! Distracted by school, dealt with unforeseen technical complications….. that and also there was a lot going on for Just Crazy.

Anyway… ENJOY!~ ^_^ Here is are some screenshots from the series finale:





Seo Jun tells Hana that he is going to New York and that he will wait for her.


Yoonhee admits to being afraid of the surgery because there are many things that she still wants to see. Inha just hopes to be by her side, to be her eyes for her if she becomes blind. Whatever things that she wants to see, he can help her to see them but Yoonhee doesn’t want him to do that.


Hana doesn’t want him to go. Can’t they just be together? Seo Jun reminds her that they are not breaking up and that they will see each other again.


When Seo Jun gives Yoonhee a large bouquet of Baby’s Breath, Hana asks for hers. He replies that he doesn’t even know what kind of flowers she likes! Yoonhee then says that Hana likes all flowers. When she leaves to get a vase, Seo Jun eventually pulls out a smaller (but quite special) bouquet and holds it out for Hana to see. This makes her very happy.


Yoonhee is surprised to hear that Inha is coming. Seo Jun wanted him to come so that he could do something for him. The 4 of them sit down to eat.

Yoonhee reveals that she has decided to postpone having the operation until after she has visited family in the United States. Inha doesn’t have any problem with that request but he worries that she’ll be alone. Yoonhee assures him that Hana will be with her.


Since everyone now agrees with Yoonhee’s wish, Seo Jun starts taking pictures. It is the favor that his dad asked him to do before, but Seo Jun refused to do it. Now, Seo Jun doesn’t mind taking pictures of Inha together with Yoonhee.


Before leaving, Inha wants to give Yoonhee a gift. It’s an umbrella necklace that he had ordered for the wedding and it arrived now. When Yoonhee doesn’t want to accept it, Inha gets a bit upset. She won’t even accept a gift from a friend, still insisting that they aren’t friends. To Inha, the necklace belongs to her and so he’s not going to take it back. After saying that she can do whatever she wants with it, Inha takes his bag and leaves.


Yoonhee walks out to the sight of the children having fun fighting over the camera. Not wanting to disturb them, she goes back inside.


However, she overhears them talking about Seo Jun going to New York in one month’s time. He brags about how much he is needed there!


Yoonhee is worried that because of her, Hana and Seo Jun may break up due to the separation. Hana tells her not to worry about that. Later, Yoonhee takes out Inha’s necklace and puts it on. She recalls the words that Inha and Hana had said to her.


In the daytime, Hana finds a note from her mom again. Yoonhee has left to go to America and will have the surgery there too. She asks Hana to tell Inha that she is sorry for leaving him again.

Hana catches a taxi and rushes to the airport. Once there, she sees Inha. He tells her that Yoonhee’s plane had already left.


Seo Jun was at work but rushes over to Hana’s home to wait for her return. When she enters, he quickly goes to hug her. In Yoonhee’s letter, she hopes for Hana to have happiness with Seo Jun.


Inha goes to see Hyejung. Assuming his reason for coming, Hyejung says that she won’t change her mind about the children. Inha lets her know that he didn’t come for that reason but to say goodbye to her instead. Hyejung is alarmed that he wants to give up everything just to go after Yoonhee. He can only apologize to her.

Seo Jun pays his dad a visit, knowing that he was probably packing his luggage and preparing to leave. Inha asks Seo Jun to take care of his mom. He is also apologetic to his son for not being able to comfort Hyejung well enough, and Seo Jun suffered as a result of that.


They have gifts for each other.


Seo Jun admits that in the past, he hated his dad but he also loved him and missed him a lot. Inha and Seo Jun make peace with a handshake. Inha later pulls out the photos from Seo Jun’s envelope.


Seo Jun opens his package and realizes that it’s a painting of him with Hana. He immediately takes it to show Hana. They prop it up against the wall next to the painting of Yoonhee. Even though that moment was one of their most painful memories, Seo Jun and Hana are able to look at the painting with smiles. We can see two generations of love right in front of them.


Seo Jun says that he won’t go to New York anymore. He doesn’t want to be separated from Hana. She agrees with that statement.


Seo Jun and Hana go on to have happy normal days with each other.


One year later…

Hana has arrives at the airport, a bit annoyed with Seo Jun for not being there to pick her up.


Back at White Garden, Sunho questions Seo Jun for not being at the airport. Hana has just returned from America.


Hana goes straight from the airport to Hyejung’s house. Hyejung’s attitude is different. She is no longer as sarcastic or condescending towards Hana. She has a gentler tone and even pokes fun at Hana. Hyejung calls Hana a silly girl for not taking the taxi because getting to here from the airport by bus is really too far.


Hana notes that Hyejung took good care of the plants. Hyejung asks if Yoonhee’s operation was a success. Hana says that it was and that her mom is doing well. Hana asks if she can have a meal with her before leaving, but Seo Jun wants to go out to eat. Hana insists on eating here, prompting Hyejung to ask if they are fighting. Hana denies it with a smile while Seo Jun says nothing. Hyejung suggests that they eat together then. Seo Jun glares at Hana while she keeps grinning at him.

The atmosphere is a bit awkward. Hyejung asks who did what wrong. Seo Jun and Hana don’t give her an answer. Hyejung then comments that Seo Jun only came back home because Hana is here. Hana promises to visit once a week.

Hyejung now asks Hana why she had to go to America. Hana says that it was for work and happened to meet Taesung there… a few times. When a jealous Seo Jun shows his face, Hyejung scolds the both of them. She tells Seo Jun that it was just for work only and tells Hana that she is also wrong for being away for 2 months instead of just the originally planned 2 weeks. Hyejung then implies that they are childish/immature for fighting over these reasons before leaving them alone at the table.


When they return to White Garden, Hana has to carry her heavy luggage up the stairs herself. Seo Jun didn’t offer to help her at all. When she sees Inha’s painting of them in the next room, she recalls how Seo Jun didn’t want them to separate and yet they’ve been separated 4 times already! Seo Jun walks up behind her and clarifies that adding today makes it 5 times. He continues to quarrel with her about returning to Korea so late.


Seo Jun says that he missed her. She then gives him a hug.


They reconcile and return to being a couple.


They then sit down to have dinner. Seo Jun teases Hana by pulling the food away just as she opens he mouth to bite.


Meanwhile… Jo Soo seems to be bored while Charles and In Sung enjoy their usual music.


Miho continues to model at Jun Studio. She makes a surprise announcement that she is going to Paris. Jo Soo is a bit disappointed because she had promised to let him take photos of her as the model.


Hana is working in the garden. Sunho comes out and quickly puts his phone away when he sees her. They then sit down to chat. Sunho talks about being set up by his mom for a blind date with a childhood friend, but that girl already likes someone else. He then changes the topic to Hana by asking about if she’s not getting married to Seo Jun yet.


A seemingly normal day in the life of Seo Jun and Hana. There is teasing at breakfast and later at night, they look at postcards sent from Inha. Inha and Yoonhee are doing well.


It’s time for an actual date. Seo Jun is annoyed that recently, he seems to be always waiting for Hana. Hana is only 5 minutes late! After a short debate about what to do on dates, Hana notices a baby behind Seo Jun and waves. Seo Jun turns around to look just as the child is waving back. Seo Jun turns back around, seeming to be disinterested. Hana asks him how can he dislike a child is so cute. He replies that he can’t have a conversation with a baby.


Next, they go shopping. When Hana sits down, Seo Jun takes it as a chance to change her shoes for her. They then go to lunch, as Hana admires her new heels.


Seo Jun asks her what they should do after eating. She replies that she doesn’t want to do the ordinary activities that they have been doing. She wants to do something special, something like when they watched Diamond Snow together. She also admits that anything they do together is already special. Just as they are entertaining the thought of returning to Hokkaido, Seo Jun’s cell phone starts to ring.


Seo Jun and Hana head directly to Hyejung’s house. The first thing Hana does is check Hyejung’s condition, who says her head hurts. Seo Jun is indifferent. He’s always known that whenever his mom is feeling unwell, it means that she has something to say. Hyejung comments that Seo Jun is really hateful when he is like this. Hana is at least concerned for her every time that she calls.


Hyejung then asks if Hana is living at the studio. Seo Jun is annoyed that she would bring this up. He lives somewhere else, so what does it matter? It matters because someone already asked if he is living together with a girl at the studio. Therefore, before any strange rumors get around… Hyejung tells them to just get married and then leaves them alone. Seo Jun and Hana are speechless.


Later that night… as she is looking out the balcony, Hana notices that Seo Jun is thinking hard about something.


Changmo and Dongwook note that they haven’t heard one piece of news about Inha and Yoonhee. No news must mean good news, so those two must be happy now. The two men go on to joke about Hyejung.


Taesung and Hana sit down to talk about work. She may need to stay in America for 3 months.

Although Hana says nothing is wrong, Taesung seems to coincidentally think of marriage. He tells her that Jang Soo (friend in Japan from the study abroad) is getting married. Hana is pleasantly surprised that he would be the first one of the three to get married. Taesung used to think it would be the two of them together. Sometimes, things don’t work out in the way that you want them to. Hana agrees.


Seo Jun says he waited for Hana to return before leaving. She is disappointed since she wanted to cook for him.

Later, she gets a text from him telling her to go to the garden. Confused, Hana gets out of bed and starts walking through the dark, except for the light coming from candles. When she gets outside, she sees more candles strategically laid out. Just then, Seo Jun walks out. He gestures for her to sit down at the bench.


Seo Jun has set up a large screen and prepared for slideshow for Hana to see. It is the pictures that he took of her since the day they met watching Diamond Snow. Seo Jun provides some commentary as the pictures flash by. When the show is over, he takes her hand and they stand up.

He strokes her hair and just like her changing appearance, he wants to keep watching the two of them change together. So, will she marry him? Hana nods to accept his proposal and they share a meaningful embrace.


Seo Jun now reveals that he was looking at his dad’s postcards as he was thinking of how to propose to Hana. Hana comments that didn’t Seo Jun say that he didn’t want to get married? He replies that having come to understand his dad and meeting a certain someone made him change his mind.

Hana didn’t know that he was thinking about marriage. Seo Jun tells her that he was already thinking of it. When she was in America, he had wanted to go see her many times. However, he felt that he didn’t have a reason for doing so. He thought that leaving work to go to see his wife (not girlfriend) would’ve been a good enough reason. Hana tells him that he better visit this time because she was asked to do the job in America again.


Inha’s voiceover with feelings from him and Yoonhee, wishing the best for Seo Jun and Hana.


Seo Jun chases after Hana as she is running away. It turns out that she just wants to water the plants first. Plus, it’s not like they’d start the ceremony without them!

As soon as she finished, Seo Jun grabs her hand and as they are running towards their wedding, Seo Jun suddenly stops. He points to his cheek, asking for a kiss. Hana probably expected it when he turned his head so that they’d kiss on the lips. With smiles and happiness in their future, they run off to get married.


-The End-


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Credit: KRdrama, homeboy165loverain, AsiaPrince_JKS

Source: KBS2, 张根硕贴吧官方微博