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[Love Rain Update]New cast of Love Rain Actress Lee Mi Sook

Hello pretty EEL’s
Actress Lee Mi Sook has been added to the cast of the upcoming KBS drama ‘Love Rain‘ to portray a middle-aged ‘Kim Yoon Hee,’ whose younger version is being played by YoonA.

In the drama, Lee Mi Sook will play the mother of ‘Lee Hana‘ (also portrayed by YoonA) as an older ‘Kim Yoon Hee,’ which means she will be portraying YoonA’s character from the 70s in the present day. She is planning on showing her heart-touching melodramatic acting skills, and building on the innocent ‘Kim Yoon Hee’ YoonA portrayed in the 1970s time period of the drama.

Lee Mi Sook was a famous melodramatic actress in the 1980s, and brings weight to any production she participates in. Her addition to the cast, and the news that she will be returning to portraying a gentle, emotional character is catching fans’ attention, as she has only played fierce and strong roles recently.

Director Yoon Seok Ho praised Lee Mi Sook, saying “She is one of the best actresses in Korea, and I believe that her ability to synchronize with other actors and her focus, along with her acting that exhibits the depth of life, will allow her to portray an older ‘Yoon Hee,’ who experienced heart-breaking love, very well.”

‘Love Rain’ is scheduled to air in the ‘Dream High 2‘ time slot after ‘Dream High 2′ is finished, and will portray a pure love story with beautiful cinematography. The first broadcast will be on March 26th.