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[Closed] [NOTICE] Jang Keun Suk Birthday & 20th Anniversary Project 2012

Hello Eels!!! I am so glad to post this awesome project on Sukkie’s birthday!!

August 4th is Sukkie’s birthday based on lunar calendar and as most Eels know… Sukkie’s birthday on the Gregorian calendar is September 26th!

So… JKS FC is launching this project from August 4th to September 26th – a whole month of celebration! Everyone has loads of time to contribute!

2012 is very special for Jang Keun Suk as it marks his 20th year in the Korean entertainment industry. So, the theme for this year’s birthday project is 20th Anniversary.

Here is what you must do:


Write A Message

To those who are artistically talented:

  1. Prepare an encouraging message for Sukkie’s birthday and 20th year anniversary.
  2. You can use photos (either yours or Sukkie’s) and/or some heart warming messages or symbols/pictures in an A4 size paper.
    Standard A4 size is 210 mm wide by 297 mm long, or 8.27″ wide by 11.69″ long.
  3. You can prepare this message and then scan the letter. Make sure that the message and details are clearly visible in the scan.
  4. E-mail me the scanned letter to meg_jks@ymail.com along with your Korea.com ID.

Make A Video

To those knowledgeable techies:

  1. To those who want to convey their message through cute videos you can prepare a video based on the 20th year anniversary theme.
  2. The duration of the video should not exceed more than 3 min.
  3. E-mail the video as an attachment to meg_jks@ymail.com or upload it to 4shared.com and then mail me the link.
  4. Please mention your Korea.com ID along with the video.

You can participate in either of these events or both based on your preference. The last date for submission is September 20. I shall announce the winner on September 26!

So… let’s start working, Eels! If you have doubts, message Megeels or Jinni225.