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Part 1:Jang Keun Suk’s trip to Paris – Personal Diary of JKS [Twitter]

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk is currently in Europe enjoying his trip in Paris. Here is his personal diary which posted in Twitter.

Assemble 1pm at Incheon Airport to see Prince off who leaves for Europe.. But, my face today is quite swollen as always..
한시 인천공항 집합하슈 유럽길 떠나는 프린스를 영접하라..아 근데 오늘 얼굴 또 와방부엇네.
Have you ever used this transportation? kk As I arrived late, the staff gave me a ride like this. It took 12 minutes and 57 seconds from home to the airport…..
너네 이런거 타 봤니 ㅋㅋ 늦게오니 이런것도 다 태워주네 집에서 12분57초만에 공항 도착했…..
Prince will arrive in France! Please welcome me at the airport. I’m leaving soon!
Le Prince arrive en France! Accueillez-moi a l’aeroport. Je decolle bientot!

I love KOREAN AIR~~~~~~Now, I’m going to Paris, zikzin!!!
사랑해요 대한항공~~~~~~쪽쪽 난 이제 파리로 직진!!!

Wow.. They know me!!!
와..또 나를 알아보고!!!
twitter_563Keuhaha Go Go into European market! kkk
크할할 유럽진출 고고 ㅋㅋㅋ

With ma man in Parisssss!!!!

A few days ago, I was the most furious in 2012 and couldn’t control my anger and spent the day punching a wall with my fist, which led to my finger bone cracked. In the end, I was stupid alone..Uh.. I must not get mad… Here is Paris, right? “New York Herald Tribune”~!
몇일전 2012년최고로 열받은 날에 도저히 분이 안풀려 벽을 주먹으로 치고 하루를 보냈으나 그 일로 인하여 내 손가락뼈는 금이가고 결국 나 혼자 또 바보됨..아..화내면 안돼…여긴 빠리잖아?뉴욕헤럴드트리뷴~!

9am, local time in Paris.. I’m going to write today’s diary in Paris.. First of all, now I’m having breakfast alone… I feel lonely…
파리시각 오전9시.. 오늘 파리일기나 써 볼까나.. 일단 혼자 아침 처묵중…외롭다…

Where to go with this shoes..??
이거 신고 어디가지..??

Ahh it’s cold… Go back to room!!!!
아 추워…고 백 투 룸!!!!

Go away!!!! My baby belly!!!!!! in Paris….!!!!
꺼져!!!! 아가배!!!!!!in Paris….!!!!

To be continued..

Credit: AsiaPrince_JKS, JangKeunSukforever