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Tweet Translations [JKS Twitter]

[19.05.2012] AsiaPrince_JKS twitter


I’ve been afraid to take a photo with Yoona, so I’ve never tried before. But I won’t hesitate anymore… Yoona’s face is amazingly SMALL~~~~ really she has a small face. (I have her permission to post this~)
윤아랑 투샷찍는게 겁이나서 시작조차 안해봤다면 주저하지 않았을거다.. 윤아 얼굴 진~~~~짜 작네 (윤아허락받고 올려요~)


“@codeinconnu: “@chiko1204: @minzzangde A friend discovered and took the photo! It’s Guen-chan, a girl snake.. Guen-chan (♀) kk http://yfrog.com/kli3qpajj” Funny”ㅡAll right, since when I’ve become a snake -_-
*tenshi_akuma’s note: This snake was born in the same year of JKS, 1987.
“@codeinconnu: “@chiko1204: @minzzangde Twitter의 친구가 발견하고 사진을 찍었습니다!근짱 라고하는, 뱀의 여자 아이입니다..グンちゃんw(♀) http://yfrog.com/kli3qpajj” 웃기다”ㅡ나 언제부터 뱀됐냐-_-


Wow~ the weather is perfect.. It’s like the afternoon when I want to eat Caffebene wine and cheese ice shavings… Is there anyone who knows your breath will smell like Makkori if you have a spoonful of it and blow out through the nose?
아아~ 날씨 쥑이네.. 카페베네 와인치즈빙수가 먹고싶어지는 오후군요… 그거 한 입 먹고 코로 숨 내 뱉으면 막걸리맛 나는 거 아는사람?


*tenshi_akuma’s note: This is the photo of Caffebene wine and cheese ice shavings.


Translation: tenshi_akuma from JangKeunSukForever

Source: AsiaPrince_JKS