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[UPDATED] How to join official JKS fanclub princejks.com

by aphrael77


UPDATE: Tree-J’s Notice updated – 3 May-

*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.
*Registration and bank transfer must be completed by at 24:00 on May 18 in 2012 *
*Tree-J provided the visual instruction in English. See the link below and see the latest post.
*I replaced the visual direction posted on “princejks.com” below.


The printscreen guide on registration is posted below the Notice from Tree-J.
Please read the Notice and instructions carefully.

——————————————- NOTICE from TREE-J ——————————————-

Hi everyone, this is TreeJ company.

We are accepting foreigners (living abroad, including Koreans) to join Jang Keun Suk Official Fanclub website – PrinceJKS.com – as full members of Cri-J 3.

Foreigners residing in Korea or abroad can use their Certificate Of Alien Registration number to join. You can use the same procedure as regular Korean members to join. However if you do not have Korean addresses for shipping, you have to follow a guideline for foreigners living abroad.

If you want to join, please check the notice below.

Thank you.

▶ Joining Period
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 (1:00 pm) ~ Thursday, May 31st, 2012 (midnight)

▶ Qualification for joining
Everybody who loves and cheers Jang Keun Suk

▶ Membership period
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 ~ Monday, December 31st, 2012

▶ Joining Fee
Foreigners – 60,000won (Full membership fee 20,000 + Shipping cost 40,000)
* Be careful. The remittance charge seems much bigger than the Joining Fee…

▶ Deposit Period
Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 (1:00 pm) ~ Friday, May 18th, 2012 (midnight)
*According to Japanese and Chinese instruction, you have to complete by May 18th, 2012 (midnight)

(After completing your application, you will be able to see our deposit account number. Then you can deposit the appropriate amount into our account.)

▶ Joining Procedure

step 1. click on the JOIN button on the main page.

step 2. click on the APPLY button.

step 3. click on the Foreigner button.

step 4. fill in your information and click on NEXT button.

step 5. check both agree buttons and click on NEXT button.

step 6. fill out the application and click on APPLY button.
( In the Deposit Account Information section, you need to fill in YOUR information.)
then you will see “Certification has been sent to your e-mail)

step 7. Check your e-mail from Tree-J company and click on Authentication button in the middle of the e-mail. Deposit the correct amount into our account, which is shown on the next page.

* It takes approximately 2 weeks to confirm your membership due to the process we must undertake to verify your payment.
After verification, Tree-J company will send you another e-mail to confirm your membership.

The name that you use in the application must be the same name as the person making the deposit. If the names are different, you can not join.

If you make any mistakes, we are not responsible. We only accept cash deposits. (No credit cards or checks in any form). Please keep that in mind.

▶ Member Perks

1) Online Service
- Can use fan club full members-only homepage (JKS Message, Photos, Videos, Step Blog)
- Will receive Cri-J third term full membership goods
- Can participate (only for full members) in on-line events

2) Offline Service
Can participate (only for full members) in off-line events

▶ Things that you need to be aware of.

1) You have to complete the procedure to join.

2. You have to join using your own name. If you use another person’s name or a fake name to join, you cannot participate in any JKS fanclub event.

3) If you are caught selling the fan club membership card and/or full membership goods, we will take legal actions and you will be banned from ever joining JKS fanclub.

4) It takes about 2 months or a little longer to deliver the full membership goods.

5) After becoming a member, we do not give refunds in any way, shape, or form.

6) We do not take questions over the phone. Please contact us by e-mail for all questions relating to the fan club. Follow the format shown below.

E-mail Adress : treej0804@naver.com
E-mail Title : [Thrid term Cri-J] Inquiry Contents
E-mail Content : Name / Date of Birth / ID / Explanation of Inquiries

7) Before asking us questions, please check the notice. If you ask questions that are easily answerable by looking at our notice, we will not reply.

——————————————- END of Notice ——————————————-

Printscreen Guide to Registration
I replaced the previous Aphrael’s visual guidance with the one posted by princejks.com

(1) Go to http://www.princejks.com/

(2) Click on “Membership Join”
- may have to wait a while for this to appear in the slider


(3) Click “Apply” button


(4) Click on “Foreigner” tab.
Fill in your real name and email.
* this should be the SAME name as the bank sender


(5) Check the two small “I agree” boxes below Terms and Conditions.


(6) Fill in your details
- I think ID and Nickname can be different from member’s name filled in earlier
- bank account details should be the bank account that you’ll use to transfer membership fee to Tree-J
- click “Apply”


(7) You’ll see note below to check your email.
Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive it.


(8) You’ll receive the email from Tree-J almost instantaneously.
Click “Authentication” button.


(9) Your membership subscription request has been authenticated.

(10) Then you’ll receive the e-mail about the payment.

(11) Please take a memo about the information you received.
Especially “Virtual Account Deposit Account” is different from each applicant.
And please take a memo of the information below. Some bank requires to give Bank address etc.


Virtual Account Deposit Account—— 044-202-04-189037 (this number is just a SAMPLE)

*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.
Amount——— 60,000 Won
Tree-J TEL no.—- 02-540-6959


Tree-J finally provided Bank Address and Tree-J address. See the above.
Be careful. The remittance charge seems much bigger than the Joining Fee…

- Sender should bear ALL banking charges so that Tree-J will receive exactly KRW 60,000, if not your application will be rejected and money wasted.
- Bank transfer should reach Tree-J by end of May 2012.

*According to Japanese and Chinese instruction, you have to complete by May 18th, 2012 (midnight).
I’m still not sure if it’s the deadline or not, but what I can say now is you’d better complete it as soon as possible.

- No credit card payment.

Tree-J will take one to two weeks to confirm your payment (or even longer). Please be patient.

They will send you a confirmation email in due course.

- Bank account details –

Virtual Account Deposit Account Information

Virtual Account Deposit Account: This is sample number “044202-04-189037″

*Virtual account number isn’t uniform. Please check your account number from e-mail you received.
Amount: 60,000 won (for foreigners including shipping)
Tree-J TEL no.: 02-540-6959


Source: JangKeunSukForever