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What is Jang Keun Suk’s progress in building his body over a month? [Photos]

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk started his exercise routine on June 12 nearly a month ago. What is his current status? Here is a photo which he revealed today and we can clearly see how different he is!

He tweeted this a month ago..

It’s just begun! The project to get out of a baby-like-chubby belly has set out!! Can Keun-suk get out of it and play a guitar gorgeously at CRI SHOW…!!??
시작됐다! 아가배 제거 프로젝트 가동!! 과연 근석은 크리쇼에서 상의탈의후 화려한 기타연주를 할 수 있을것인가…!!!뚜둥!!!

Let us Sukkie’s progress during this month..


So did Sukkie fulfill his wish? Will we see him playing guitar gorgeously in the next Cri Show? Let us wait and see!

Credit of Pics: AsiaPrince_JKS, JKSForever