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Jang Keun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona at a script read-through meeting of Love Rain

Some pictures of a script read-through meeting of KBS TV’s new drama series Love Rain, starring Jang Keun Suk, SNSD’s Yoona, and Jung Jin Young, have recently been released.

The script read-through, which took place in the annex building of KBS on last Thursday, centered on Seo Jun (played by Jang Keun Suk)’s first meeting with Lee Hana (played by Yoona), which will be shot in Japan. Including director Yoon Suk Ho and other cast members, Jang, Yoona, and Jung attended and had the meeting in a friendly mood.

Already finishing shooting the part of the 70s, Jang and Yoona attracted attention by portraying completely different characters from the ones in the 70s. Jang, portraying two opposite characters of gentle, friendly, devoted Seo In Ha in the 70s and selfish, picky, carefree Seo Jun in 2012, and Yoona, changing from innocent, shy Kim Yoon Hee in the 70s to positive, boyish Lee Hana in 2012, are increasing many people’s expectations for the drama series.

In addition to this, Jung is expected to show his gentle charisma as middle-aged Seo In Ha in 2012, also increasing people’s expectations about his romance in the drama series.

KBS TV’s new drama series Love Rain, which will talk about the pure love in the analog period and the trendy love in the digital period, will start airing on March 26.