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Jang Keun Suk, “I have changed my mind about myself”

Jang recently gave an interview to magazine @Star1, which was published on March 21. He said, “Since I’m 26 years old, I have changed my mind a lot about myself.”

He added, “I’m spending most of my time reflecting on myself. I really like hanging out with people. I like my friends and I even like people who I come across. I especially like inviting people to my house to eat some food and talk with them.”

“Even though I can’t do it everyday because I’m too busy these days, I used to cook breakfast everyday for the employees of my agency. I’m not a good cook but I made breakfast everyday for them even after staying out all night playing.”

Jang smiled when he said that he felt like a mother watching her children when he saw the people eating breakfast.

Jang also talked about his debut in Japan, “I just dreamed about my debut in Japan. When I turned 20, I finally put a plan into effect. Some people say that I have easily become successful in Japan but that is not true at all.”

Jang’s full story will be included in the March edition of @Star1.