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Kim Ha Neul talked on the phone with Jang Keun Suk on a TV show.

Actress Kim Ha Neul appeared on a SBS’s  TV comedy show, Cultwo Show.

On the show, Kim Ha Neul  made the mcs and the audience happy with her skill at taking, wearing medieval style clothes.
Being a big star she has a down-home personality. This left a good impression on the people there.
At the special corner, she talked on the phone with Jang Keun Suk, the lead role of the movie, You are Pet.
Jang said, “I hoped to appear on Cultwo Show with Kim Ha Neul.” And he joked, “You are promoting our movie alone. You are selfish.” This showed the people his character in the movie and made them laugh.
The mcs asked her, “You are a big star. But it looks like that you don’t have any scandals. Do you?” Kim answered the question and talked about her secret relationship.