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Jay Park and John Park to pair with Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee on ‘Music and Lyrics’

Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee‘s partners for MBC TV‘s ‘Music and Lyrics‘ were discovered through some detective work by netizens.

Although MBC did not officially reveal the male counterparts for Lee Si Young and Park Jin Hee, netizens have discovered the identity of their partners through social networking sites and online communities. Since April 11th, netizens began posting the photos that they themselves took, after spotting Lee Si Young and Jay Park filming in Hongdae, as well as Park Jin Hee and John Park filming in Insadong.

‘Music and Lyrics’ is a reality program created by MBC, where an actress is paired with a male singer/songwriter. The two must then write and compose a love song together in a given amount of time.

This week, the new episode of ‘Music and Lyrics’ will air in place of ‘We Got Married‘, which has currently been pre-empted due to MBC’s labor strike.

Viewers can catch the episode on April 14th at 5:15 PM KST.

Source : allkpop