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Jay Park pranks Lee Si Young for her birthday on ‘Music and Lyrics’

On the April 28th broadcast of romantic reality show ‘Music and Lyrics‘, Jay Park pulled off a hidden camera prank and surprise party for Lee Si Young‘s birthday.

Jay Park, who pretended to have nothing prepared for the day, commented, “I didn’t know it was your birthday. You said that you listened to my song a lot yesterday so you can accept that as your present,”which understandably made the actress a little disappointed.

They then decided to visit producer Robin to consult him about their collaboration track. It was then that Jay Park brought out his own inner actor, pretending that Robin and he had gotten into an argument.

He stated angrily, “I can’t do this any longer,” walking out of the studio and leaving Lee Si Young frozen from shock. The actress, who was very caught off guard and little worried, followed Jay Park to console him and alleviate his “anger”.
However, Jay Park surprised her with a beautifully prepared cake instead, and revealed her surprise birthday party. He gifted her 100 pairs of socks, referring to their inside joke from the last episode.

The on-screen couple also visited a zoo, where Jay performed a choreographed dance to one of his tracks as an extra present.

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Preview of next episode, Jay Park kisses Lee Si Young on the cheek:

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source : allkpop