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Jay Park to participate in a National B-boy Championship with a project team

Singer Jay Park will be forming a B-boy team in order to participate in the 2012 R-16 Korea National Championships.

The ’2012 R-16 Korea National Championships’ is being organized by the city of Uijeongbu and the Korean Tourist Service, Inc., and will take place at the Arts Center in Uijeonbu on June 23rd.

Approximately 50 B-boy teams, 200 popping dancers, and 80 rocking dancers are expected to participate in this event, and the winner of the event will be selected to represent Korea at the R-16 Korea 2012 World B-boy Masters this July.

This event is already drawing much interest from the public, as all the best B-boy teams in Korea will be battling it out to be judged on a more global scale and be selected as the single best B-boy team in Korea.

Jay Park who was selected as an honorary ambassador for R-16 Korea 2012 back in April will also be participating as a member of a B-boy project team.

The winner of this contest will qualify to move on and represent Korea at the R-16 Korea 2012 Masters Championships, as well as qualify to represent Korea to participate in the UK Championships 2012.

In related news, Jay Park will be embarking on his ‘New Breed Asia Tour in Seoul‘, starting with a performance at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul on August 18th.


Source : allkpop