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Jay Park wants to stop talking about 2pm

I want to stop talking about 2PM.

It’s been a year and six months since Park Jaebum was last able to stand in front of his fans. The star had left Korea following the controversy surrounding his old MySpace comments, but now he’s getting ready to take his first step forward as a solo singer without the ‘ex-2PM member’ tag.

Recently, Park Jaebum met with Donga News in a Kyungkido studio for an interview.

Check out the interview below!


He was moving busily for the MV shoot of his first solo album’s title track, which is scheduled for release in the middle of April. After checking everything from the outfit to the dancers’ movements, he rushed in with a sigh, saying, “It’s so hectic for me since I’ve been getting everything ready with my own hands.”

Before there was a chance to sit down with Park Jaebum, his company associate requested for no sensitive questions regarding 2PM. This was because he had already experienced some backlash after appearing on an entertainment news program, where he made statements like, “I want to see 2PM the most” and, “I’m sorry.” Thus, it would have been burdensome for him to be whisked into further speculations and controversies.

However, when talking about Jaebum, it was impossible to not mention 2PM, so despite the polite request, unavoidable questions were thrown.

When 2PM was mentioned, Park Jaebum’s expression hardened slightly. Even though he firmly said, “I don’t want to talk more about them,” he explained the reason why he could only do so.

In the entertainment news program I starred in recently, we talked about a lot of things. However, only that part was edited and aired. After that, some fans criticized me, saying, ‘He’s using 2PM to get media attention’. I want to end things with what I said last time, and I don’t want to say anything more about it. There isn’t a reason to repeat the things I’ve said before. If this condition continues, I don’t think it’ll help either 2PM or me.

Addressing the misunderstandings that happen because he doesn’t talk about it, or when people don’t understand his sincerity, Park Jaebum said, “It’s unavoidable, it’s okay. I can’t do anything about it if people don’t believe my sincerity. Now, I’m not going to worry about that and just do what I have to do, and care for the people around me, and just run forward.

He also acknowledged how 2PM’s fanbase had split over him, and are now attacking each other. “I hope that fans don’t fight with each other anymore.

Despite all the ripples he’s still facing, Park Jaebum carried on with hope in his heart. “I want to smile gladly and say hello to them”. He continued, “My mind is always open. If I meet them, I think I’d be really glad to see them. I want to go to them first and say hello. If they don’t accept it, there’s nothing I can do.

Source : allkpop