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Kim Tae Won surprises Jay Park with question about 2PM

Boohwal’s Kim Tae Won recently asked Jay Park a question regarding 2PM, the group that the idol was once a part of.

On the latest episode of ‘Beatles Code 2′, Kim asked Jay if he was “still in 2PM”, and if he was “still under the agency”. As most already know, Jay left 2PM in 2009 due to a controversy that created much media blitz within the industry. However, Kim Tae Won truly seemed to have been in the dark about the issue.

Jay responded calmly to the sudden question, stating that he was no longer part of the group. To the shock of everyone, Kim then asked Jay the reason behind his decision to part ways with the agency.

To the unexpected question, the MCs and other guests asked why Kim would ask the question. Kim responded, “I thought Jay might be nervous,” expressing that he was just trying to loosen up the atmosphere, and seemed unaware of the situation that had taken place a few years back.

However, Jay offered an answer to Kim’s question, stating,“A lot of things happened back then.. And here I am now as a solo artist.” He then continued, stating that while being a solo artist is hard work, he is happy that he can “have creative control over [his] music.”

Kim asked, “Was that hard to do in a group?” and Jay responded, “Because it’s a team. I can’t be selfish.”

Source : allkpop