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Jay Park gives advice to kids about music at the “Dream Academy”

On March 28th, Jay Park and Ne-Yo attended the “Dream Academy” program, and spent a special time with 80 children who hope to become musicians.

After receiving a round of applause from the kids, Jay Park stated:

“I heard that you guys are all dreaming to become musicians, but as for me, I never thought of wanting to become a singer when I was at your age. I enjoyed listening to Usher and Michael Jackson and followed along with raps and dances. My mother, however, took note of all of that and suggested that I audition. Luckily, I was accepted.

I came to Korea and received training before my debut. I loved rehearsing, and worked hard as if it was the real deal. I’m not as great at singing like Ne-Yo is, I was a really bad singer back then. But my love for singing helped me improve.

Even during break, I wouldn’t rest and went out to dance with the b-boy hyungs instead. These days, I’m working hard on my composing skills, and I think I’ll be able to include my own track in my next album. I think music needs to become your life; it’s the only way you can become good at it.”

When asked by a child whether he had anyone that he liked, he replied, “I like a lot of people. As for females, I like foreign female rappers.” Hilariously, when the MC asked the crowd whether anyone of them listened to Ne-Yo’s songs before, Jay Park’s hand shot up quicker than the children.

The heartwarming program was concluded with an autograph session, which Jay Park took part in with all smiles. Jay Park will be guesting at Ne-Yo’s Korean concert on March 30th at 8 PM KST.

Source: BNT News via Nate