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JYPE responds to SidusHQ’s message regarding Jay Park

Hours ago, we reported that Jay Park’s agency, SidusHQ, posted an official message regarding comments that JYPE’s Park Jin Young said on KBS2TV’s ‘Win Win‘ about the departure of Park Jaebeom.

On December 22nd, JYPE wrote a letter through an official press release in response to SidusHQ’s claims. The message reads,

“This is regarding Sidus HQ’s message about our company which was released this afternoon.

First of all, we feel very regretful for the controversy that occurred due to changes in the 2PM members.

However, like we said before, our company told the scriptwriters before and after the recording of the program that it would not be a good idea to bring up and broadcast the topic of the 2PM member changes.

The following will be addressing once again what was said on the show.

We absolutely did not want a problem that hurt a lot of people in the past to become a subject of discussion again, which is why we are genuinely distressed that this has become a controversy once more.

Our company does not believe that revealing a concrete reason for the change in 2PM is appropriate. If we really did distort and manipulate the truth behind the 2PM member changes, JYP Entertainment will reveal any legal and moral responsibilities on the matter.

We promise to work harder to prevent future outbreaks of these kinds of controversies.”

Source: Star News via Nate