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Music and Lyrics: Singer Park Jae Bum and actress Lee Si Young are newly teamed up

Singer Park Jae Bum and actress Lee Si Young have recently been teamed up to write a song and give each other English name to break the ice.

On the episode of MBC’s Music and Lyrics that aired on April 14, the first meeting of Jay Park and Lee Shi Young was broadcast.

The duo first met at the Seoul Fashion Week, which was held at the beginning of April. Both of them showed up at the spot without knowing who’s his/her partners. On their first meeting, the twosome apparently looked to feel really awkward to each other but decided to do their best to produce a song for rookie girl group Tiny-G.

The produce of the girl group required the duo to write a fast-tempo dance song with impressive hip-hop sound. He added if the song is not of a high quality, it can’t be included on the album.

Meeting up with Tiny-G, the couple gave completely different responses: Lee seemed a bit flustered, saying, “They are not like what I expected for a idol group.” In contrast, Park said, “I was really surprised at how good they are.”

Thereafter, the newly teamed-up duo decided to break the ice and gave each other English names—Jay for Park and Diane for Lee. The two shy stars could successfully hit it off in a place where a refreshing song was played.

Happily closing out their first meeting, the adorable couple get each other’s number and said goodbye until the next time.

Lee later said, “I wondered if it was a good idea to drink on the first meeting, but now I think it was a good idea.”